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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Yankee Swap and a 5.0 Miler - RunLog 1-8-15

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Well that is two days in a row I haven't run with Bennie, he didn't come to the door when I was leaving, so he got left behind. However, he did greet me at the door when I got back from my 5.0 miles and when I was uploading the Garmin he jumped in my lap, so we did go for a walk....mmmm strange how that worked.

How was the run?

Actually pretty peaceful, plus I have a few more options if I don't run with Bennie where I can run locally. I don't have to worry about the other dogs that are not hooked as much, like down on the farm or other houses - they usually just stand up, watch me go by and then lay back down. However, if Bennie is with me they get all territorial and a big fuss happens.

I just ran down to the fire station and then into Pepin Way. It was probably a good thing that Bean wasn't with me a couple of other people were out walking their dogs and they were much more friendly towards me than they are when Bennie is with me. That includes the sour-faced lady with the two labs. I smiled a big grin, waved like she was a long-lost relative, which actually got her to smile, say "Hello" back to me and yes when she saw me running towards her she leashed the labs. hehehehehe

I guess she was just having a bad day the other day.

The run was just a nice comfortable run, I ran faster going downhill and on the flats and then didn't try to beat myself up going up the Bitch. Once I was on the other side I thought that the last mile was going to be a bit faster, but it wasn't really.

Overall, a nice run in the H3's where the roads are still mostly clear, the temps are in the mid 20's, so it is pretty great winter running. Afterwards Bennie and I walked down-back a ways, the walking ain't bad, but there is still a LOT of white ice and very slippery in the travel lane. While I could run it slower than normal (without Bennie), due to the white ice I will choose other routes, to ensure that I don't do the slip, slide and fall routine that usually results in no running for a while.

Also we had our Holiday party yesterday.

As part of it we had a Yankee swap and for my gift contribution I got:

  • A pair of flourescent orange gloves
  • A bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee
  • A whoopie pie

All wrapped in a brown paper bag, that was stapled to close it.

One of the ladies at the party commented that "that was one of the most "Maine" guy gift bags she had ever seen". I just laughed and told her I was a native Maineiac and we both laughed. However, the guy that chose the gift, seemed to like it a lot and when I saw him leaving afterward he thanked me saying that he needed the gloves and would be taking care of the coffee and whoopie pie. :-)

Yes, I ended up with a bag of Cuties - you know those small oranges. However, I didn't eat very healthy 3 slices of pizza, chips, whoopie pie quarter, strawberries and so on. Then went home and had pizza and chips for supper. Guess I need to do a long run today :-).


  1. haha - this has been a good eating week for us after too much random food and non-dinners the last couple of weeks. I ordered pizza last night ... ugh, the salt just about killed me! :) Back to the better choices!

    Laughed at the gift bag, but it all makes sense ... maybe that is the massachusetts in me - all you'd need to add is a fluffernutter and it would be complete :)

    1. Yeah Mike, I did pretty good eating until Friday and then it just was one of those "good" days. I forgot the Fluff - darn, next year. It was great guy wrapping and even the store clerk who "helped" was laughing his arse off while we putting it together and said "I wish I was getting this one". So I guess it was appropriate. I couldn't put the bottle of cheap beer and pint of coffee brandy to make it complete since it was at work/school.


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