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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Yes I Know the Difference - RunLog 1-26-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Our first run in a long time where the temps were above freezing and even though it was a bit breezy, it felt pretty good to be outside without being completely bundled up - there is a difference.

Run #1

Was completely a nice, slow recovery run. Actually, sometimes I think it is harder to purposely run slower than it is to run comfortably - there is a difference.

Bennie wasn't much help, he just wanted to go faster, so we worked on some strength training and proprioception stuff, plus running down-back, while it contributes to running slower, doesn't mean that the running is easy - there is a difference.

We had a couple of stops where Bennie took longer than usual and the watch didn't auto-stop right away.

It was a hard run for me to run at this pace, it just didn't feel right, I kept wanting to pick up the pace and had to force myself to slow back down. Plus with it warming up there was a bit of a sheen on the white ice in places, which made for some slip and slide moments. So it wasn't an easy run.

This wasn't the run that I wanted to do, it is the run that I needed to do - there is a difference.

Run #2

I ended up going in early to work, so that kind of changed my planned workout and since I have to go in early tomorrow, I talked with the wife and decided to go ahead and do my second workout today after work. Yeah, including the wife in on your run planning is a good idea, sometimes wives expect you do to one thing and when you do something else, wellllll it might not go over so good. ;-) hehehehe Learned that one the hard way, more than once.

Which meant it was dark, plus 30 or more, when I was able to run. Even though it was still pretty warm at 37*F, with all the melting that happened today and the temps dropping, black ice could be an issue outside, so I decided to head over to Planet Fitness.

After yesterday's runs and this morning not so easy recovery run, my legs were feeling a little tired, plus I had limited time, if I wanted to get home when I told the wife I would be there.

I wanted to do quarters, but wasn't really sure how good an idea that would be with everything else, so I did a warm-up and after about a half mile my legs started to loosen up a little. So I figured that I would do until the legs started bothering or I finished 4.0 miles.

Oh yeah, I also went old school and didn't use my foot pod or listen to music on my phone and just used my stop watch for time. The other reason is that I was lazy, I didn't feel like messing around with the footpod or screwing around with trying to get the phone to work, sort of closely on the mileage. Yeah, I was doing that first run thing in my new Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Tri V2's and doing it this way I would not screw up the time/distance, if I needed to stop and adjust something to make it more comfortable.

Here is what I did:

0.75 - 7.2 mph - warm-up
0.25 - 8.6 mph - 1.0
0.25 - 7.2 mph
0.25 - 8.6 mph
0.25 - 7.2 mph
0.25 - 8.6 mph - 2.0
0.25 - 7.2 mph
0.25 - 8.6 mph
0.25 - 7.2 mph
0.25 - 8.6 mph - 3.0
0.25 - 7.2 mph
0.25 - 8.6 mph
0.25 - 7.2 mph
0.25 - 9.2 mph - 4.0

I don't know what is about running on the treadmill, but when I come up on the 2.0 mile point, all too often I have to stop and quick step...hell I ran to locker room and just about ran over some guy that was blocking the door. He moved pretty quickly when he saw the panicked look on my face of "Either move or..." It wasn't a threatening look, it was a look of a guy who needed to get someplace like now, not later.

Once that was taken care of I got back on and kept doing quarters. Then at 3.0 miles this tall, lanky guy in his 20's got on the treadmill and started out running at 8.8 mph and after a half mile popped it up to 9.0 mph. So instead of finishing up at 8.6 mph like I had planned - after all I was just trying to be consistent for this run. I let my competitive side come out and did that last quarter in 9.2 - the damn guy popped it up to 9.5 mph. No I didn't go with him.

Time: 30:36
Distance: 4.0
Pace: 7:39

The thing is when I came out of the locker room after changing, he was still going at the same speed, so he wasn't doing it just to impress the old fart beside. Man was I jealous. Oh well, youth is well served and this guy was the real deal.

Actually, I felt pretty good and was surprised that I felt as strong as I did during the faster intervals. I could have gone faster after the first couple - once the legs really loosened up and I got the initial few miles on the new shoes. However, between the bathroom break and just wanting to stay within myself - I held back until that last one.

Pearl Izumi N1 Tri's

That is one thing about running in new shoes, I don't care if they are the same exact model of running shoes, there is always just that little difference in how they feel compared to your other ones. Now these are are a different model and even though they part of the N1 series, the upper is completely different and the Tri model has a different feel than the Road's, even though the sole unit is from what I can see the same.

Not that having a different feel in the upper is a bad thing, but there was a difference and something I needed to get used to. One run isn't really enough to figure out exactly what the differences are and how they will effect my running - if they even do. Either way, that first run is over and done, so that now I can just focus on running and having some fun  in them.

The good thing is once I got used to the slight differences, no blisters, hot spots or anything negative to say about the shoes at all. They were quiet, comfortable and made want to run in them again - which is a good starting point.

A good day of running - and yes I know the difference.

Disclosure I was selected on December 22, 2015 to be a member of the Pearl Izumi Run Champions Team and am positively predisposed to Pearl Izumi products. The Pearl Izumi Em/N1 Tri running shoes were part of the complimentary team gear that I received at no cost. The opinions I have expressed are my own and your experiences with Pearl Izumi products might be different from mine. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


  1. Coming from a perpetually sunny and hot country, I often wonder how you guys run in the snow. I'd probably be curled up in bed under the sheets .. LOL! I'm heading for a marathon in Japan in 3 weeks or so and weather forecast states some snow may fall. I don't know how I'm going to cope with weather like that cos I'd have to bundle myself up and I'm not used to running wit lots of stuff on. But on the bright side, I'm looking forward to escaping the heat for a a week :D

  2. Hi Nick, I have a feeling that I would be a puddle in the middle of the street if I had to run in the hot temps/humidity that you do. It would take some time to adapt, but after a while we all do. The biggest thing that I find about running long distances in the cold is not to over-dress and not use smooth bottomed shoes when there is snow that stays on the ground. Usually, though when there is snow, there is cold wind too (just the way it seems to work - at least up heah), so hat/gloves are necessary and something windproof helps. Good luck on the marathon, I am looking forward to your experience. Japan is one of those places I have always wanted to visit, but probably never will. I will do it vicariously through your adventures. Right about now 30*F feels pretty warm (though it is not) and I would love to be outside in shorts/t-shirt ;-)


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