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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Screw Shoe Kind of Day - RunLog 2-24-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I have been told that I have a couple of screws loose, but today they were tightened down and necessary out there :-). Anyways the roads were a mess, snow, freezing rain and ice were the order of the day.

Yeah, I ran with my screw shoes today...no doubt about it. They were definitely necessary and part of the solution today.

There is no way I would have safely run half a mile, much less the 4.0 that I ended up with.

As long as I went slow, there was no problem, when Bennie (who's 4-paw drive is pretty stable) wanted to go faster, it did become an issue. So I became a great anchor and we did it slower than he wanted.

The worst part was when we were coming back up the Bitch and we passed this truck that was having a tough time backing into a driveway. Once we got by the truck, he went into tug of war mode. MMMMMMMMM NOT A GOOD THING today. We had a stop and lesson learning time a couple of times to get him to stop - he did.

Then he was pissed and wanted to go faster - pulling super hard, so we did a little Dog Whisperer  and the short leash with it being slightly behind me as I was running. Finally, he got the message, calmed down and just ran easily. Damn Dawg ;-)

Yeah, it wasn't a great day for running outside with the road conditions and the freezing rain coming down got my glasses to the point where I could see better without them...not a great thing for someone with 20/400 vision. hehehhee

Look more at the glasses than me, I don't want anyone to faint in fright ;-)

By the way what looks like rain on the hat is actually ice.


  1. We got lucky with this one - it was supposed to drop to around 30 and be an icy mess overnight, but stayed up ~36 and was just rainy! While I am not a fan of getting soaked in cold windy rain ... it beats ice 10 times out of 10!

    Love the glasses! I am still lucky in that regard ... but know I will need reading glasses within a couple of years.

  2. They called off school at the college, the freezing rain and icy conditions were/are just horrible. The mail lady just delivered our new Internet router and told me the roads are horrible. So work made a good choice.

    I don't even try to go too far without mine, had them since drivers ed in high school. Only way parents would get them for me, otherwise they thought I was just faking it and didn't have any even though I really needed from 6th grade on. Couldn't see worth a damn :-) We didn't see the doc's too much growing up and glasses were not a necessity hehehe. I survived and am having fun with it now.


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