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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bennie Playing Video - No Running But Big Smiles

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I have been fighting a bad bug of some sort for the past 3 days which equaled no running and feeling like crap.

Initially I thought it was just the blahs, but it was more than that. Today has been more sleeping than awake time. However, I seem to have pushed through it and hopefully am on my way back to feeling well again.

So my streak of 20 mile weeks has ended after more than a year, but that is okay, I will just start another streak this week :-).

However, during one of my waking periods today, I was entertained by Bennie and got it on video

Below for your enjoyment is Bennie playing.

Yes, I know...but he is such a ham.

He made me smile and chuckle :-).


  1. I love how he kept dragging the pillow to cover the toy! :)

    Was that The Hobbit playing in the background (noticed it was on TV this afternoon)?

    Hope you feel better - my younger son ended up missing Wed-Fri from school last week and Lisa is sick ... I'm hoping to avert it!

    1. Thanks Mike, feeling better not 100% but getting better. Yes, we had The Hobbit on the TV :-). He plays like that a couple of times a day and we just laugh and I wanted to get a video of him doing it.


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