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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Discretion is the Better choice Today

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Some days it just is better to not tempt fate and simply turn around.

Which is what we did this morning.

I really didn't feel like running down to Pepin Way and then climbing back up the Bitch, so we went down-back, when we got to the end of the road it didn't look too bad. There were two strips of clear mud with the ice in the middle and sides, along with a bit of fog hanging around. As you can see below:

We couldn't run super fast on this, but it was runnable, at least until we got just past the upper gate, then as you can see in the first photo, the travel line of mud turned to ice the further down the hill we got. Which just wasn't going to be runnable.

At that point Bennie and I turned around and did an easy 3.0 up on top

Run #2

After work I stopped at Planet Fitness and hopped on the treadmill. I initially wanted to do 4-5 easy, but the 7.5 mph (about a 8:00 minute pace) felt pretty easy, so I kept it there and popped it up to 7.6 and 7.7 at each mile, just to keep things interesting.

Surprisingly, even after yesterday's tough long intervals at race pace, the sub 8:00 minute pace felt pretty easy and I wasn't hurting when I got to 3.0 miles. Even so I knew that I had done a tough workout yesterday, so I didn't want to be stoopid about things and I shut it down at that point.

There is just something about running on the treadmill that I feel more comfortable running a little faster than I do outside and if I am going to run faster, it also means that I am not going to run as far.

I do not want to get into that always feeling tired, because I am doing too much for my current fitness levels. The higher intensity/speed equals lower miles training methods, works better for me than going after some artificial mileage number that might or might not have a lot to do with how I am actually running.

Plus if I am focusing on 5K races this year, big mileage is not what I am needing for my training, being comfortable at faster paces is more important in my mind than simply running extra miles.

It was a good day for running and I didn't get stoopid during the treadmill run - which was a good thing. :-)


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