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Monday, February 15, 2016

It Warmed Up to 19*F - RunLog 2-15-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Yea!!!! It warmed up...enough that the hot water line to the bathtub unthawed without doing any damage and Bennie got to get a run in, where he wasn't shivering like leaf  in less than 100 yards!!!

It got up to 19*F and with the wind chills it was all of 13*F, which equals runnable!!!

Okay Harold don't get stoopid or too excited, because tonight you are going to get 3-6" of snow and then it is going to turn to ice/rain depending upon where the line is -- fun weather. First arctic deep freeze and then snow/ice/rain. Welcome to Maine in the winter - in today's world, it goes from one extreme to the other with hardly any transition or so it seems.

Well enough whining and bellyaching about the weather, it is what it is and we gotta deal with it.

How did I feel after that fairly fast 10 miles on the treadmill yesterday...mmmmm the hammies didn't really like me, the quads were not negotiating well with the foam roller and the calves were just a tad tight. So things were pretty normal for the day after a tough workout. The biggest complaint I had all day was the damn chafe I got on my left underarm, it is just in a bad spot and I hate chaffing.

Yeah, I am such a wimp. ;-)

It was later in the day when we finally got around to running, Mary and I went out for a belated Valentine's Lunch at Joseph's Steakhouse (of course I had the Haddock - why go to a steakhouse and get beef hehehehe) and then got home and did some serious nap time with Bennie.

You know priorities.

I came very close to taking a DNR today and probably if Bennie wasn't looking out the door so longingly I would have. However, he does love to run and I knew that once I got going it would be fine.  Sometimes that decision to simply change into running clothes is the tough part, once that happens usually getting out the door is pretty easy.

The roads were clear, as the photo from earlier this morning showed.

but I really wanted to run down back.

After spending those 10 miles on the treadmill yesterday, I needed views of nature to recharge the batteries and going down-back does that for me. So I put on my screw shoes and we ran on the double-track down there. They worked really well and as long as I stayed out of the powder and on the compressed/frozen snow I had excellent grip.

Now I was not in any kind of big hurry, but it has been a few days since Bennie ran and he was not having any of this let's go really slow. So we kind of compromised, I became an anchor and he got tired of attempting to haul my 155 pound or so, faster than I was willing to go.

Finally, he got the message and settled into a more reasonable pace for me.

No speed records were broken today and the legs finally loosened up about half way through the run, so that coming back felt a lot better than going out.

What a well-muscled pooch looks like when he is flexing his "guns".

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