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Saturday, February 6, 2016

They Work Until They Don't - RunLog 2-6-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

No run or work yesterday.

Due to the surprise storm I got a text at 5:30 AM telling me we were closed, so I figured that I would get some good miles in later. I putzed around until around 9:00 when the plow went by.

Unfortunately, when we went out to run - mmmmm the road was pretty much a sheet of white ice - I don't have a pair of shoes rigged up with screws and I find that YakTraks don't help a lot on that stuff.

So we turned around and I got on my parka and Bennie and I went for a walk instead. It turned into a very short one, I almost fell on my arse twice and Bennie wasn't impressed by the wind or the snow. We went back inside and promptly took a long winter's nap. I must say it did feel pretty damn good

Yeah, then we did snow removal by hand because the driveway was too soft for the snowblower - not fun, but it got done.

Today we woke up to glorious sunshine and the storm dropped between 6-8" of white stuff. The town had been through a few times and the road was getting pretty nasty, melt water, white ice, slush, puddles and all that other stuff. I had a choice get totally soaked, have Bennie run in salt and crap or we could check out down-back.

I took the YakTraks with me, just in case.

This is what we saw.

Just about perfect double track!!!!

However, my N1 Trails are not quite aggressive enough for the snow/ice in the tire tracks, so I put on the YakTraks. Normally, I do not like them, oh they work well enough in the right conditions, but the way I run they tend shift to the inside and this would be come a problem later.

Fortunately, the conditions were made for the YakTraks today. They added just enough grippage that I felt comfortable bombing along and was able to just enjoy the run without a lot of slipping around.

Obligatory photo of the Bean

It was just a gorgeous day for a run and until I got just past the little bend up ahead, the YakTraks did a really great job of keeping me upright and feeling good about the run. About half-way up Stevens' Hill I had to stop and readjust both of the YakTraks. They had shifted in and the metal encased rubber bands were starting to rub against my other leg. While they didn't put a hole in the wind pants, it was annoying

Stopping when I have a good focus going and head of steam going up the hill, wasn't what I was planning and it took a couple of minutes of frigging around with the YakTraks to get them where they belonged. That trying to stand on one foot, in the snow, on a hill, after running 3.0 miles and a damn dawg tugging on you to get going again, that just didn't agree with quickly or easily making the adjustment. Finally, I had to sit my arse down in the snow, lift up each foot and adjust them.

That would have made a great video. Glad I wasn't with anyone who would have done that for me.

I wasn't impressed!

After I finally got things situated, said lots of interesting words, we got moving back up the hill again.

At that point I really wasn't into the run - for some reason or other. It had gone from being a "fun" run, to well something that was time to get done, but I still had a couple more miles that I wanted to get done.

Unfortunately, once we got back to the tar, the YakTraks became useless and by the time I got back to the house, I stopped tossed them in the snow bank and took off down the road. Boy did it feel good to get them off. Yes, they have their place and really did make a positive difference until I had to stop and adjust them. However, there are better solutions for me and I guess that I am going to have to make a pair of screw shoes out of a pair of PI's one of these days.

The rest of the run was wet, nasty and yes it was still a good run, but I was glad to be done, when it was over.

Good run, I enjoyed the run down-back, the wet roads were okay, and no I would not have done as well if I had not worn the YakTraks. It doesn't mean that I love them, but they do work in the right conditions, until they don't for me.

Yeah, there was bright sunshine reflecting off the snow, but I was still having a lot of fun at this point.

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