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Friday, February 12, 2016

Yeah it was Nicer Yesterday - RunLog 2-11-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Yesterday I had every intention of running twice, but after my first run down back, the legs felt pretty damn tired. By the time I got to lunch at work, I had decided that the second run wasn't happening. It was a good choice.

Let's get back to the first run.

As I talked about yesterday, I decided to make my PI N2 Road v1's into screw shoes for nasty weather and running down-back. So I was interested to see how they would work.

On Thursday the temps were still chilly at about 10*F, but as you can see the sun was out and there wasn't a lot of wind. So the weather for this time of year wasn't too bad and seasonable.

The screw shoes did fine, unless I got off into the powder and then there just wasn't enough grip to do well there. As long as I stayed in the double-track, I had plenty of grip and it felt pretty good.

As you can see by the Strava Stats, we didn't really rush at any point

The run itself was just a nice easy run that we didn't push the pace and just enjoyed being outside and moving. Even with the screw shoes, running on the snow is still tough. A 9:00 minute pace for the first 3.0 miles felt as though I was giving it a 7:00 minute pace effort - so while it might have been a slower run, the effort levels was still pretty damn high.

Now to see what today brings for a run since at 8:00 AM it is still only -3*F, so Bennie's run might be a bit short and I might head to work a bit early to go to the gym first and do a few more miles on the treadmill.

We will see.

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