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Friday, February 5, 2016

Yep Snow Scooped the Whole Damn Thing

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With the temps being so warm (54*F yesterday) the past week, the driveway was soft and the "rocks" we not locked down.  Which means that if I had used the snow blower that I would have been flinging rocks everywhere and probably would have screwed up the augur or something.

So instead of ruining something that is costly, I removed the "surprise" six inches of snow the old fashioned way - using Harold power.

I definitely do not have to worry about doing another workout today, the upper and lower body are both telling me that they had enough of a workout and it only took 2.5 hours of constant movement to get it done.  Hummmm I wonder how far I can run in 2.5 hours. Well if I use a 9:00 min pace or so, it might be around 16-20 miles. Only I don't think I would feel quite as tired, because I wouldn't have used quite as many muscles as I did operating that damn snow scoop.

Glad it is done though and will be glad the next time when I get to use the snow blower :-)

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