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Friday, February 19, 2016

Yep, The Winter Blahs Are Here - RunLog 2-19-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

It is the end of February break, vacation or whatever you call it. Whatever it is -- it is the time of year when I have the hardest time keeping my running on an even keel or even have a whole lot of motivation to do a whole of nothing.

Yep, it is the winter blahs.

Even Bennie has them.

Elliot agrees.

No the winter hasn't been that bad...really it hasn't, but still it has been long enough and I am tired of single digit temps or lower, hell let's get real, I am tired of layering up to run outside. I want to be outside in shorts and a t-shirt, well yeah.

I am getting tired of the treadmill. It is a great tool to help get through the winter, but at the same time at a certain point it gets more and more tedious. I just want to get outside and run, and enjoy the running versus just enduring the run.

Unfortunately, it isn't quite that time of year, February is more than half over, so we still have at least a month of winter left, but we are close enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but not close enough for it to be helpful.

So I am entering into that time where I just want to sit around the house and practice eating anything that I want, see or have available - yeah dangerous territory. Then there is that lack of motivation to really get out the door and run, exercise, write or do any of the healthy stuff that I do the rest of the year.

What did I do today?


No run, no miles.

Oh I walked Bennie a couple of miles total, but otherwise, I did my best slug impression and didn't do much. Then I ate, yeah I ate.

I felt like crap too.

So what do I do about the winter blahs.

This year...not much.

I am going to be a slug for a few hours and then tomorrow, get my ass in gear and really start my training for my next 5K, well really for the 5K's in April that I have on my internal calendar, but haven't committed to doing by registering yet.

Maybe tomorrow night I will actually register, which will force me to focus on getting off my arse and doing what I need to do.

Yeah - okay :-)

It isn't that as far as the photo makes it look.

But when the ice is gone it will be my hill workout hill - did I ever tell you how much I hate hills hehehehe.


  1. It is funny - I *should* be there, but every day the last two weeks my TimeHop from last year had sub-zero mornings (before wind chill), ranging from -5 to -21. And the worst I have run in was yesterday, -3 *with* windchill (+3 temp). So I am pretty OK still ... not totally done yet.

    But at the same time, as I first read this it was 25F at 8AM and I was about to go out for my run. During the run the temperature got high enough that I dumped my hat and gloves - and it was over 50 by noon! Which reminds me that OH YEAH I can't wait until I can just toss on clothes and GO!

    Happy weekend! Hope you guys get some nice weather!

  2. Yeah, I am in slug territory and ready for winter to be over, at some point today gotta get out and do enough to keep my 20 mile a week streak going. ;-) hehehe Yeah, after needing to order a new router for the house, too many devices and not enough router hehehe the joys of modern living.


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