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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Another Treadmill Run and Some Strides at the End - RunLog 3-17-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

This was going to be either rest day or a pretty easy run. Enough so that I only walked Bennie this morning and seriously debated whether to leave the gym bag at home, which would enforce the day-off or take it just in case I "needed" to run during my lunch today. I brought the gym bag.

Well it turned out that I "wanted" to run at lunch and when I looked out the window about an hour before lunch and it was sunny and in the 40's. A great day to run outside. So it was a good thing that I brought my stuff.

Unfortunately, when while I was driving there, the Emergency Alert system sent a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and by the time I got to the gym, it was raining pretty hard and I could hear some thunder in the distance.

So much for running outside today.

That sucked!!!!

I don't mind running in the rain, but those bright lights and loud booms, tend to put a damper on my good running form, so I passed on the opportunity for curlier hair and settled for a treadmill run.

Everything started out good, I had set the speed at 7.0 mph and planned on keeping it there for an hour. So much for planning. At the 1.12 mile mark, I had one of those no choice stops and get to the locker room times. Just something about running at PF which causes me to go, even though I try before leaving the locker room. Oh well, just the way it is.

When I got back on the treadmill, I set it at 7.2 mph and kept running until almost 3.0 miles and then I got this wild ass idea about doing some .1 x .1 strides just to see if the old legs had any pop left in them.

As you can see, while it wasn't an all-out sprint, but it was faster than I have gotten going in a while. It actually felt pretty good and reminded me that I have to run differently to run that fast. No plodding along or pounding the heels. I got up on the balls of my feet, leaned forward a bit and believe it or not after the 4th one had a big-ass grin and while I "felt" the last two, it reminded me of why I love running short distances.

Just about the time it starts to really hurt, it is over. None of that lingering at the thresh hold of pain for seemingly forever when trying to run faster for longer distances - ya know one of those pleasures of long distance running. ;-)

Overall, it was a lot better run than I thought it was going to be, especially since I had planned on actually getting outside in some decent weather and then got stuck on the treadmill - yet again. I run great on the treadmill, but I am ready to run outside in the good weather most of the time.

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