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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Better Weather, Dog Training and Learning A Bunch of Things - 3-23-16

Not everything worked as expected.
This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

This morning was overcast and in the mid 30's*F, but the best part was the breeze was pretty negligible - in other words it was not blowing gale force ;-).

No running down-back yet, the road is just a bunch of ruts and is more ankle breaker territory than a decent running area.

So we went back down to Pepin Way again...it is getting boring, but I don't have enough time to run with Bennie in town or elsewhere, before having to get back in time to get to work for 11:00 AM. I like the schedule, except it does screw up our running in other places.

I hadn't planned on running fast today and purposely kept it slow in between those vehicle strides, which I gave in to and actually picked up the pace more than usual. In between those pickups, I did some lallygagging along and then coming back up the hill Bennie got into bonehead mode and had to be reminded that he is not the Alpha Dog in the pack.

Yeah, he finally got it through his head again, but every once in a while, he does the challenge thing and we have to go through the process of hauling him back, laying him down on his side until he settles down and licks my hand. After he does that we try the run again, we had to stop a couple more times to reinforce it, finally he got the message and turned into Bennie - Good Boy.

Patience, not yelling and not accepting the behavior are key. No I do not hurt anything but his pride, but it has to be done or he would be a total butt head - not a good thing or something the neighbors would like either. He just has to be reminded of his place in the house and how to behave when we are outside.

Decent run and I was surprised was the paces I got up to in the M3's - for a short distance.

Run #2

I had a short time to get on the treadmill and then get back to work, after a stop or two before I got to the gym. I was planning to run a little faster this afternoon, after those vehicle strides this morning and was wondering how the M3's would do on the treadmill and getting them up to a little faster pacing.

One thing I did was move the Garmin footpad from the N1's to the M3's, but didn't calibrate it, so it ended up being .18 less than the treadmill distance, which for my purposes is close enough. I am more interested in the effort level when I am running on the treadmill than actual distance or speed which are guesstimates more than anything and dependent upon which treadmill I am using.

So I did:

  • 1.0 @ 7.6 mph
  • 1.0 @ 8.1 mph
  • 1.0 @ 8.6 mph

So how did the M3's do at higher speeds?

First they are super smooth and the cushion was really evident when I was running on the treadmill. I noticed that I tended to have a longer stride in the M3's than I do in the N1's when I wasn't paying attention my running and was simply trying to survive the faster pace :-). I guess I wasn't as worried about pounding the heels in them.

  • The first mile felt good, no issues maintaining that pace.
  • The second mile was still not a problem, but I could feel myself getting a little more tired than I usually would be at that point.
  • The last mile, yech!!!! The M3's were still smooth and everything, but felt like they were lead weights. I knew that 2-3 ounces difference per shoe would make such a big difference, but that was a serious reality check. 
There is a reason why you train heavy, race light. All I know is that I definitely built up some serious leg muscles today and am feeling it tonight in the quads. The hammies are not too bad, which is good.

I will definitely not be doing any hard racing in the M3 v2's.

I can run fast in them, but I can run faster longer with less "hurt" in the N1's.

No doubt about it.

However, they are going to be great long run and recovery shoes for me, where if I get a wild hair across my you know what, I can go faster in, but I will pay for it in extra energy used to get or stay there and muscles being built ;-).

Also as you can see in the crappy photo above - I put on my racing kit on to see what changes that I need to do. The PI top (free from PI as a team member) didn't bother at all and felt great. However, my old Central Maine Striders shorts with 5" compression shorts, didn't work worth a damn. I started to chafe a little and on multiple occasions I had to adjust things and pull down on the legs. So that combo ain't gonna work. Probably time for those compression shorts to go away too.

I gotta work on the stuff I have and maybe order a pair of PI shorts for racing. Whatever I do, I know that I will figure out the shorts/compression shorts combo. I am not going back to short split shorts and using gobs of Vaseline to keep the chaffing at bay. You know that old school, messy method that I used for so many years, until I discovered compression shorts.

I refuse.

Overall, I did learn a lot about the M3's and what I thought was going to be a good racing kit. Turns out that the shorts needs some work and that the N1's will be my primary race day shoe. Which I kind of figured, but I had to show myself that a quick burst of speed, is not the same as the prolonged attempt to maintain a certain pace in a heavier shoe, which the M3's are.

The best part Bennie enthusiastically greeted me at the door tonight, so all is good with the world.

Disclosure I was selected on December 22, 2015 to be a member of the Pearl Izumi Run Champions Team and am positively predisposed to Pearl Izumi products. No I am not getting paid to promote their products. The opinions I have expressed are my own and your experiences with Pearl Izumi products might be different from mine. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” 


  1. So glad to hear you have found a method to work with Bennie! That was rough when you talked about the challenging behavior before. We have to work with our male - who totally submits to Lisa and I but is totally offended if we are walking and his sister gets in front of her!

    And last year when we were pretty sure she wouldn't survive the year we started spoiling our already-beggy older Norfolk ... her health still isn't fantastic, and it is still hard to stop the begging.

    Terriers! :)

    It is funny talking about the weight of shoes - I got the Nikes this week, and even though there is a relatively small weight difference (RW lists my Kinvaras as 7.9oz and the Free 3.0 as 6.9oz - sure my size 13s are heavier but I presume it is mostly proportional, perhaps incorrectly) ... the FEEL is very different in terms of weight. Both are light, but the Nikes feel like almost nothing!

    As for shorts, I know I need to think about that soon as well ... I have a few pair of lined shorts I've used the last few years, but I need to get some new ones. With some of the odd chafing I have seen this winter on a couple of occasions, I am going to be interested to see how the spring goes!

  2. Nothing is permanent with dogs, they go by their own clock and always have to push/challenge the status quo, just their nature ;-) Bennie is all terrier. Yeah they are fun as you well know.

    I always liked the Nike Free series, but for winter running up here, they just didn't work outside for me and now that I have found PI's are working good for the way that I run, so I am pretty leery of doing anything different for a while. Although that new LunarEpic looks pretty sweet, but pricey. I thought that you were a Kinvara guy, why the Free's?

    I have to either use gobs of Vaseline or the compression shorts under my shorts, otherwise the chafe is so bad that I can't run.

    The in like a lamb and out like a lion seems to be the operative word this year ;-) darnit.

  3. I started out with the Frees when I stopped buying the cheapest shoes I could get 4 years ago, and had 3 pairs over the next year - but through reading and whatever wanted to try out different things. Tried the New Balance Minimus two times (v1 & v2) and didn't like the first and the second one didn't last long, so I am not going back there.

    Tried the Kinvaras - which I bought the v4 when it was on a deep sale when the v5 was introduced - and loved them. Kept with them since then, but always looked back at the Frees, especially after they introduced the Flyknit - but yeah, pricey!

    I found a great deal on the Kinvara 6 last month and grabbed those, and just happened to be checking shoe kicker last week because of a comment someone made in a blog post ... and RunningWarehouse had a great deal and there was an added coupon. Paid $50 including tax & shipping. That was enough for a 'worst case I wear them as general purpose sneakers'. :)

    I honestly can't begin to complain about winter this year - perhaps 6" total snow, <5 sub-zero mornings, and not a single day where the windchill was below -15. March has been 'variable' - two days this week were <20, two were mid-30s, today was 55 and rainy. No wonder everyone around me is sick :)

    1. Yeah, I forgot you were a Free guy in the past, sometimes the deals are so good that you gotta pull the trigger on them. The flyknit uppers really do intrigue me and when they are being paired with the Lunar style bottoms it really makes me almost want to try them out.

      The weather up here is just miserable this morning, Maary is taking the slow approach to heading in for work and will probably wait until around 10:00. Even then if the roads are not any better she might just relax and not worry about it until the rains come later on.


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