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Friday, March 18, 2016

Dad, Politics and Running Downback - RunLog 3-18-16

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I took the day off from work, to go up to Newport and take Dad out for lunch and get him his birthday present. Mary made sure to have me ask him about a certain thing, which I did. It turns out that is was something that he really needed and she was spot on, so big kudos to the wife getting that one right. I never would have thought of it.

If you don't want to read some of my political views, skip over the next section and move on down to where I start to talk about running again. :-)


Dad and I got caught up on what's been happening and talked reasonably about politics. I think we were both surprised that we agreed pretty much with each other on this election cycle, especially since I am probably a little more conservatively liberal than he is. Usually we stay away from politics, it hasn't ended well in the past.

We talked about how there is a whole Country of people just getting by and they are getting tired, angry and becoming more vocal about their frustrations. There is becoming less tolerance for dissenting opinion or even reasonable discussion of topics. Unfortunately, if you disagree with someone, it seems as though you have to be the enemy, instead of someone with a different perspective or opinion.

After that we talked about the Presidential campaign. We agreed don't respect or like any of the candidates enough to support them or even want to vote for them, it has become more a question of voting for who is the least offensive or destructive to the Country.

  • Trump - reminds me of Lucius Malfoy in the first Harry Potter. Petty, mean, ruthless and gets others to do his dirty work.
  • Clinton - enough skeletons in the closet to start her own graveyard, but grudgingly may be the only candidate that is electable, as long as her teflon shell stays intact.
  • Cruz - scares us both more than either Clinton or Trump and that is saying a LOT.
  • Sanders - nice guy, but something and we couldn't put our finger on it, just was not comfortable with what we are seeing from him and he is not electable being so far to the left and the word socialist scares too many Americans.
  • Kasich - Typical midwestern bland Republican, in too deep with the party establishment and some of his conservatism is a bit much, but of the Republicans still running is the only one we would think about voting for. In other years, he would be considered too far to the right to be electable, but in this year's craziness, he seems almost reasonable.
Yeah, one of my favorite movie speeches of all time.

Where are the moderate candidates, you know if someone like Colin Powell was running that we would want to vote for him in a heart beat. However, it seemed as though the moderate candidates were all scared off by the extremists in both parties, who do not want to govern, but only dictate their ideology into policy. Then if you disagree with their position you are wrong and there is no middle ground or room for compromise - even if it benefits the biggest number of people.

We both strongly agree on keeping/maintaining the separation of church and state as being an important component of the U.S. Constitution. It was put there for a reason and the attempted thinning of that line is not a good thing. The thing is my interpretation of how to worship or who God is, may not be the same as yours and if your way is the one that becomes the only one that is approved of by the government, what does that mean to those of us who think differently.

Religion should never be an official part of our government and is something that each of us have our own choices to make, without the interference of the government one way or the other. Yeah, I know this isn't what many want to hear, but it is what I believe and what my religion is, is my business nobody else's, especially the government's.

We both did agree that the political mess was a mess, but it sure is entertaining. Fox News, CNN and all the other news entertainment industry are getting exactly the candidates they are looking for to improve their ratings and push whichever ideological line out to their viewers.

However, the idea of the Republicans doing an end around to attempt to ensure that no candidate gets enough electoral college votes and then putting in their third party candidate scares the shit out of us, because that is basically sidestepping the voting processing and ignoring what the voting public actually wants.

So we will need to hang on to our seats for the next eight months and see what kind of Country the United States will become after the election of our next President, along with who wins control of the House and Senate. Which may be more important after the last few years of obstructionism and putting a narrow ideology ahead of governing and dare I say compromising for the common good.

I just wish in my naivety that the politicians at all ends of the political spectrum, would put the interests of Our Country first, no single ideology has a stranglehold on what is best or worst for the Country. They need look at how the other 90% need to given an opportunity to have at least the slim opportunity and dream of upward mobility, versus all the power plays that seem to be the real goal of too many policies, laws and restrictions, that favor the 10% who are already living the dream and continue to create more barriers to ensure that they keep living it.

Enough about politics. Yes, I have some strongly held views on it and every once in a while I slip up and write about a few them.

I don't do this very often, so do not get used to it and if you disagree with me, that is cool too. That is what a republic is and how it works - well sometimes ;-)

Honestly, I am pretty damn cynical when it comes to politics and that is why I don't talk about them too often.

Let's get back to running.

The Lemon Meringue pie didn't settle too well with the Mexican Omelet I had for lunch. So I didn't even try to run up in Newport, even though I had planned on doing the Newport Loop, taking a side trip up and around the old Scout Land.

Instead I just went home and took a nap.

Yep, pretty nasty.

Then we went for a run down-back. The mud was pretty bad and the road is getting more and more battered with each passing rain storm. After which the boys and their toys go out see how badly they can get stuck, which trashes the road even worse.

Down on the flat, it is becoming trampoline mud. You know when you land and the whole area under your foot jiggles and feels a bit like a mini tramp. Which means when the boys go through with their toys tonight that it will be nasty mud tomorrow.

Oh well, all this stuff meant that I didn't really push too hard through there. However, I did screw up on the Garmin again. I had turned off the GPS last night for the treadmill run and then never turned it back on. I didn't figure that out until just after the Blake Road, so the GPS tracked section of the run was short by .8.

We did go up to the top of Bartlett Road and coming back down Bennie did some vehicle racing, but for the most part, we plugged along at around a 9:00 minute pace and didn't hurry when it came to navigating the mud fields.

I did get my new Pearl Izumi M3's that I purchased through PI and I have a feeling that they will be a nice all around running shoe for my daily runs and even on non-technical or dry trails. I am very impressed with the outsole design. It is much more of a variable terrain grip than other PI Road running shoes I have had and I am looking forward to see how they do over the next few weeks as I incorporate them into the running shoe rotation.

Sorry about the political stuff at the start, but sometimes you just gotta say what you gotta say.


  1. Politics is always 'interesting' to discuss :)

    I have mixed thoughts on the Clintons - because on the one hand I think they are classic 'political machinery operatives' of the type that dominated US politics between WWII and just a few years ago. But on the other hand I fully believe that she managed to push enough buttons to get the attention of powerful special interests (big pharma, oil/gas, etc) as well as religious right who have now spent 25 years on a dedicated smear and pursuit of ANYTHING to tarnish her. And you hear it now - the presumption that someone who has been investigated that much MUST be at least somewhat guilty. Perhaps ... but when it is always the same people pushing the investigation ... maybe there is a different root cause.

    Regardless, with Clinton you know what you are getting - a fairly moderate person slightly to the right of Obama whose ideas actually cut across the majority of voters but don't satisfy the loudest (and most extreme) on either side. I wonder though about the extent to which the GOP hates her and how much they would continue to be obstructionist just because it is her.

    I also agree with you on Cruz - on the positive side he is consistent and dedicated and determined ... but on the down side I disagree with pretty much everything he stands for. I believe that we should withhold the judgement that someone is an a$$hole until we meet them rather than doing it based on skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, saggy jeans or being a Yankees fan. :)

    But Trump ... yeah, that is another one. :) There is much to be said - that he is an inevitable product of how the GOP has handled themselves for the last 8 years (and really ever since 1994), that he is a classic example of 'gas lighting', and on and on. There is the awful rhetoric -racism, misogyny, religious intolerance, xenophobia, inciting violence, torture, concentration camps for US citizens, and on and on. It all just saddens me.

    Thank goodness for running ... :)

    1. Yeah, thank goodness for running!

      It helps solve many of the ills of the world we live in, even with all of its imperfections. Personally, I think it is more productive to talk about the merits of this running shoe brand versus the other running shoe brand...but even then you get some that can't hold a civil conversation - I guess things have just gotten too much with the "my way or the highway" thinking.

      I have a feeling that this year ain't gonna be all that great for the vast majority of Americans no matter who is elected President - the special interests and those with the "gold" will get what they want, while the rest of us just keep living and moving sideways the best we can.

    2. haha - SO true, I don't think there is ANY topic about which the level of vitriol doesn't spin out of control: running gear, music gear, gaming PC vs. console, Mac vs. PC, iOS vs. Android, on and on and on!

      Aside from my concerns about the direction and tone of discourse on the right, I am really interested in the political mechanics this year for a couple of reasons:
      - For Democrats, I have many friends who have really been pushing the 'Hillary has already won' narrative, that tends to come across more like 'just shut up and support the pre-ordained nominee' ... and perhaps more than anything that annoys the crap out of me. :)
      - On the right, the increasingly likely possibility that Trump will not have the needed delegates for the nomination and the GOP goes with someone else is just amazing to contemplate in terms of what it would mean for the party either if Trump runs independent or not ... like you say, it is not going to be pretty. What happens when all of a sudden millions of white Christians are the ones being disenfranchised ... ?

    3. The anointment syndrome and both parties are struggling with it. One because they really want a particular candidate and the other, because he hath anointed himself and probably will be.

      It will be interesting and maybe just a bit scary about how this all unfolds over the next year. I do believe that people are so focused on catering to the minority voting groups that are still the minority voting blocks. That if they ignore or completely disenfranchise the majority which is still mostly silent, until someone is able to mobilize them irregardless of what the big wigs want or even what is best for the Country, it might not be pretty.

      I really think that being a moderate in today's world is becoming one of those 4-letter words, the way that people accentuate it when using it to describe a candidate or a position.

      So here I stand a self-described moderate and march to the beat of my own drummer ;-). I guess I have always been a about half bubble off one way or the other dependent upon the issue, but I am not that far out in either direction.


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