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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nice Treadmill 5k Time Trial - RunLog 3-15-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

My new schedule is in effect and I found out today how much difference just a few ticks on the clock do make. I didn't feel rushed or in a hurry during my treadmill session, which meant that I relaxed a little more and was actually able to have a cool-down and some quality time with the foam roller when I got done.

The hammies were not impressed by being tortured by that damn foam roller after running, but tonight as I sit here typing this wonderful post out, they are not nagging me to death about how much they hated this afternoon...so it was worth a little self-abuse earlier.

No, Bennie and I didn't run this morning. We got to the end of the driveway, he lifted his leg, walked down the road a few feet and turned around to go back to the house. Looking at me with that look of -- well are you going to get me back in the house and out of this shitty weather look.

Yes, it was raining pretty hard and the temps were hovering around 35*F - not a warm spring rain by any standards. It wouldn't have been a fun run - outside in the morning. Yeah, he is smarter than his human - most of the time, when it comes to running. So we didn't run.

Which was a good thing.

I got to the gym and decided to do a good treadmill run, I initially planned on quarter intervals with quarter rests for 3-4 miles. So much for planning.

When I got on, I felt pretty good since I hadn't run earlier and just felt stronger, so I popped the start to 8.6 and figured I would go from there. Here is what I did:

.25 -- 7.6 mph - warm-up - I am getting used to this speed as my treadmill warm-up
1.0 -- 8.6 mph - I had felt strong and figured that I would do .5 and then just kept going.
.75 -- 8.7 mph - By this time I figured out that I was going to do a good 5K time trial.
1.1 -- 8.7 mph - not fun or easy by this point, I really struggled from 2.0 to 2.5 and then finally got the idea that I was going to finish.
1.0 -- 7.2 mph - cool down

I don't know what is going on with my body though...only on the Planet Fitness treadmills does this happen. At around 2.0 miles that sudden urge to purge - that horrible feeling that you gotta go "2". Yeah, every single, stinking time I run there, I have to either deal with "that" awful feeling or stop go do my business and then get going again.

Now, I was running pretty damn good at that point and only had about another 1.0 left and decided to hold it, and try to finish the run. It was just enough of a distraction that it made the rest of the run - a lot more miserable than it would have been otherwise.

Yeah, I know TMI, but it is something that is happening and I want to document/figure out what is going on, so maybe I can get a idea on how to deal better with it. Then when I slowed down to my recovery pace, the pressure or urge seemed to ease up a lot and I was able to do a recovery mile and some foam rolling.

I do know that when I got in the locker room - it was definitely time to take a seat.

Even so, I ran a good and fast 5K and have no complaints about the effort levels or speed that I got out of this old bod. A sub 7:00 overall pace, even with the distraction and the slower first quarter mile, is a good run.

Although quarters are good for you and all that, I really think that being able to do fast 5K weekly on the treadmill, is a good thing and will hopefully translate to a faster outside 5K...time will tell.

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