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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Still Icy Down Back - RunLog 3-5-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

After an morning that wasn't all that much fun, we needed a run.

We went down-back and the frost was just coming out of the ground in places. So there was a little mud to contend with, in addition to the ice and frozen mud. As we were running, somehow the leash got wrapped around Bennie and he stopped suddenly to sniff a good sniff...well I didn't know he was stopping and it took a few steps. He flipped over on his back and did the mud slide.

Ummmm Bennie wasn't impressed - at all. He got up shook himself off, looked up at me with a WTF are you doing look, walked back to the good sniff, pissed on it and then started trotting down the hill. I almost fell down because I was laughing so hard at the looks he was giving me and if he could talk I am pretty sure that I would have gotten an earful.

Oh well.

This was supposed to be a nice easy run, so I didn't try to pick up the pace and with the amount of ice in places, all I could do was walk through those areas and even then I had to be pretty damn careful. Even so the run was pretty decent and I was happy with how I felt.

We did go back up to the top of the hill and back just to remind the neighbors that we are going to continue walking and running with Bennie on the road after the events of the morning.

I try to keep a record of when and how many times the neighbor's dog come out into the road at us, so an abbreviated account from our point of view about what happened.

But, sometimes you just gotta wonder.

Mary was walking Bennie this morning and the neighbors dogs (who have the electronic fence collars) dashed out into the street and the little one started going after Bennie. Okay, shit happens and dogs get out of the yard and is a pain in the ass when it happens. However, it sure does make you wonder when the owner gives her a ration of crap and acted like it was her fault that his dogs got out of their yard and accosted a properly leashed dog on the other side of the road. Not good.

Bennie and Mary were fine, but we went down their house to talk about what happened, because it is not the first time that this happened and the owner's attitude was not appropriate for the situation. I really don't think that we resolved anything, but...we will see.

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