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Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Mud Runs Have Begun - RunLog 3-12-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Yeah, I changed my header photo to show the quality of "level" road surface that we have to run down-back on for a while. Hopefully the frost gets out of the ground quickly and the mud starts to dry out just a bit more.

Just a bit o'mud and this is ankle breaker/sprainer type of terrain, so if you see that I am running down back for the next few weeks, it will definitely be a planned slower run.

Which I am attempting to more of. That running after a quality workout day and purposely staying above the 9:00 minute pace. Running in this stuff just does it automatically for me.

Here is another photo that I took on the lower flat...I don't know which is worse the upper or lower flats, both are getting chewed up pretty good by the boys and their toys. From the 4-wheelers to the 4WD crew that need to get their rigs dirty, the road down back is taking a pretty good beating. There is still a lot of frost to come out over the next few days and I can see this getting pretty bad, before it gets better.

So needless to say we didn't set any speed records on the first run today.

Run #2

TheWife is restless, this no work thing and not being able to do a whole lot else, due to her broken wrist is getting to her a little, so she asked if I would take her into the Library. Sure and I figured that while I was there, I could get in a nice 3.0 miles or so in the half hour it usually takes her to get the books she wants.

I had a nice 3.0 mile course in mind and then when it came time to turn, I was feeling pretty good, so I kept going straight up to Armory Road, I knew it would add a little, but it added quite a bit more onto the run.

You notice that going up the hill by McDonald's that my pace slowed pretty good, it wasn't really because of the hill, running into that headwind was a "pure joy" (no sarcasm there), that little pick-up was when I was finally able to dodge enough traffic to get across the road - too damn busy on that stretch for my taste. Then coming down in front of the Alfond Youth Center the wind was atrocious and even though I thought I was going to pickup the pace along there - it didn't happen too much.

It was nice to run in town, where there are actual places to run where you are not in mud or on the shoulder a lot (which usually has its share of mud), but the traffic on a Saturday afternoon was stoopid. It seemed like everyone and their brother was out putzing around in their vehicles in Waterville this afternoon. Yeah, I know I was one of them too, but I had a mission, I needed to get the wife to town and I needed a "nice" run.

Ain't perspective wonderful hehehhe.

If you have read this far, here is the bonus whine.

Unfortunately, one of my vices is that I LOVE THESE:

Yes, it is yellow Peeps season and it sucks!!!! I was doing really great with eating decently and then suddenly 2 packages of these beastly little delicacies show up in the cupboard. Needless to say one is history the other is being honed in on and will probably be gone by the time you get to read this.

It is the one snack/delicacy or junk food that I have no answer for and just have to eat them all as soon as possible.

Yes, I do bite their heads off first, for those who must know.

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