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Sunday, March 20, 2016

An Outside 8.0 Miler - RunLog 3-20-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Yeah, a long run outside for the first time in 2016!!!

I've been attempting to get one in for a while now, but it has either been too cold or the road conditions out where I live haven't been what I consider within that comfort zone I want when I run longer outside.

Yes, I am get old and wimpy, but if the windchills are under 25*F, I really don't like doing long runs outside, just me...it is a safety thing, first I run by myself and secondly where I run if things turn bad suddenly, there isn't always someplace where you can get out of the cold quickly. So I am pretty careful about longer runs in the winter.

Today's run was right on that cusp, it was 31*F and the windchills were in the lower 20's, but would be at my back when I started out. Yeah, they switched direction about 1/2 through and were pretty much in my face the rest of the run. That part wasn't fun, but it always seems to work out that way for me.

Gorgeous day otherwise, lots of sun and bright blue sky.

Yesterday when I ran in the M3's for the first time I was pretty impressed, enough that I was wanting to run a longer run in them to see what they were going to feel like. They were outstanding, the ride was perfect, I didn't really notice the weight, no blisters or hot spots and while I could tell they still needed some breaking in my feet didn't hurt after I finished.

A couple of things that I will have to adjust is the lacing. The tongue tends to slide down, but I can fix that easily by moving the laces around and probably changing the bottom lacing from the top-in, to bottom-out to see if that helps slow down some of the pebbles/grit come in. That small change when I made it on the N1 Trails did make a difference so I think it will with the M3's too.

The run itself, I wasn't pushing hard until that last little bit, when I did pick it up to see how the M3's felt at speed. They did just fine. I could tell that they are a heavier shoe though and the end of this run did re-emphasize that while I might be able to run faster in them they really are not race day shoes.

Pacing wise, I was all over the place, nothing very consistent at all.

Very, very happy with the run, how the M3's did during it and even happier with how I felt after the run. The legs didn't feel beat up at all and I feel as though I could go out and run some more without any problems - Which is how I want to be feeling.

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