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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Windshield, Fantasy Baseball and Running - RunLog 3-30-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Busy Day!!!

Let's see rush out of the house to get the truck a new windshield - yeah the small crack last Friday turned into a long laying down L, with with about a 14" line going across the windshield and 7" down to the bottom. Not legal and not good when every time I turned on the heater/defroster blower, it kept getting longer.

Which meant 2 hours of the morning were going to be spent sitting around wasting time. WRONG!!! I went for a run. The only thing is the route I took started out up Western Ave, went up to CMP and then turned right onto Granite Hill Estates. I know it wasn't even a mile, but I HATE starting a run uphill, it takes that first mile for me to find my legs and lungs.

Having to use, well abuse them like that at the start of a run is no fun. I guess it was a good thing it was a recovery day and I wasn't planning on doing anything fast.

After getting through Granite Hills, it was pretty much down hill or flat, well until I got over by the Turnpike Mall and decided to be stoopid and take the left up towards CMP, the legs didn't like that idea and talked nasty to me about it all the way up that incline. If I was in better shape, it wouldn't be a big deal, but I needed the hill work and slogged my way up and then finished pretty well.

I did really good and didn't let myself shift gears and try to run fast on the flats or downhill sections. I purposely maintained a nice easy pace. Isn't that what a recovery run is all about.

Yeah, the legs were a bit tweaky after yesterday's intervals, but they didn't hurt, just tired and cranky more than anything.

After I got back, I noticed that I had a text message, mmmmm nobody ever texts me and when I looked it was the boss asking if I could come into work early. So I called in a let her know that as soon as they finished the windshield and I got done with a shower at the UMA fitness center, I would be there. The shower was a definite, otherwise it might have gotten a bit offensive with Harold stench - not a good thing.

I did get out early and was going to double-up, but supper was almost ready and it is so seldom that I get to have dinner with Mary, that I didn't bother running and enjoyed great company that I miss at supper every night.

Just how things work out some days - you start out on screech and keep going.

However, I did get to do something I enjoy, my Keeper league fantasy baseball draft was tonight and while I didn't do too badly, I kept up my tradition of have just a few Red Sox players, less than some years, but more than others.

Too many first basemen and I am hoping that some of the old warhorses have one more great season left in them. Reyes was a later pick, that might have a high return and maybe worth some trading chips in June, if he comes back strong. Gallo was my final position player pick and is what I usually do, some highly rated minor leaguer who is supposed to get a lot of time after the keep 'em down rule time goes by - in other words a flyer.

I would love to see Verlander bounce-back after a tough year low-risk high reward pick there, same with Darvish, otherwise fairly conservative picks for pitching. I usually do not get too excited about the pitchers, so we will see how badly I do with them this year.

Then while I was doing the draft, our accountant calls and asks lots and lots of questions on taxes and we set up an appointment for next week.

So there is just a lot going on right now and it is taking time away from my running.

Some fun, some necessary.

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