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Monday, April 25, 2016

5.0 Miles and 2xHill Sprints - RunLog 4-25-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I had planned to do an easy 3.0 with Bennie, then this afternoon, do 5.0 at lunch and do my hill sprints then. However, once we got out there, it was just so nice, low 40's (well a bit of northerly breeze - which meant that I had my gloves on), that instead of turning, we kept going out to Wildwood. So I figured it would end up with an easy 4.0.

As you can see, we didn't fly and just plugged along, doing Bennie things.

Usually in the M3's I am above 9:00 most of the time, just because they do weigh so much and they do make moving at a slower pace pretty easy. However, once we got back up on the tar for some reason we picked up the pace a little.

Then when the red new Ford Escape went flying by, Bennie went into overdrive and hauled the old fat-ass along faster than he wanted. After that I went down the Bitch to the Horse Chestnut tree and then did 2 x max (minimum) of 8 seconds hill sprints. They suck, but I know they will help me do better on hills and if the stuff I am reading in Run Faster is accurate, might even help with some my injury issues.

The second hill sprint had a little help. The FedEx truck was coming up the hill so we had to pull into the little driveway and give him some room on the road. However, once he went by Bennie went into chase mode!!!! That was a good max effort hill sprint. Running that fast up hill just don't feel good.

Once I was able to breath again on the other side of the hill, guess who went by - Mary. Well Bennie knew this and wanted to run home - FAST. Me I just wanted trot home after that last hill sprint. However, Coach Bennie had other plans, until the old fat arse said enough and slowed down.

However, there was no second run, when I left for lunch, I sat down in the truck and decided that I wasn't going to run, my legs were heavy after yesterday's race and this morning's run and hills sprints and worse - my allergies were bad today.

The allergies are kicking my butt bad, but it is supposed to snow tomorrow, so I am hoping that the air will clear a lot over the next few hours, because I am pretty miserable right now, with all the sneezing, itchy eyes and scratchy throat.

Oh well, I will survive, but it does make running a little less fun.

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