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Friday, April 1, 2016

A Bit Humid for April Fool's Day - RunLog 4/1/16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Happy April Fool's Day, I hope that you had some fun, laughed a lot and enjoyed the pranks. I may be old and decrepit, but I still enjoy having fun and hope you do as well.

Wow, it was almost hot and muggy this morning, well as long as you consider 63*F warm, but it was definitely humid - a bit early this year and no I know it will not last, but I do love running in shorts/t-shirt!

I wore the N1 Road v2's that I got for Christmas from Bennie for their first outside run in a while.

They did what I expected and to be honest I think that I like them better than the N1 Tri's, they just fit me better.

Since I was wearing the N1's, I knew that I planned to run a little faster than usual and we did pretty good heading out, even though it was against a pretty good southerly breeze.

The first couple of miles were pretty good and Bennie had to stop way too many times to keep up a good pace, we would just get going and then we would stop again - at least that is how it seemed.

I had to laugh as we got to the end of Pepin Way, the carpenters were coming back from their break and Bennie decided (as usual) to race the vehicle.

During that second pretty good spike is where we raced the carpenters. The guys were laughing so hard as they went by and Bennie just kept moving faster. His little legs were just a pumping as the guys slowed down enough to go beside for a ways. That damn anchor he was attached to just slowed him down too much. Needless to say they had a few good natured "interesting" quips and remarks after they parked and got out of the car.

On the way back, it was a different story, by the time we got back to the Bitch, I was soaked in sweat and Bennie was lagging, stopping to drink in as many of the puddles and streamlets as I would let him do. Yeah, we were both pretty crispy coming up the Bitch and then just went straight in, versus adding on the circle. Bennie wasn't into running any further and while I could have, I didn't really complain about it too much either.

Neither one of us was acclimated and the humidity more than the temps kicked our arses. After we got inside Bennie just jumped in my lap and laid there for a few minutes. He does alright in the heat, but we ain't ready for it yet.

Even so, it was still better than running in the cold and nasty crap we have had. I am sure by July I will be whining about how hot it is - gotta whine about something - right!!!!

Actually, I was happy with the first couple of miles and could have popped the pace up without pushing a lot harder, but it is harder sometimes with a dog that suddenly stops to sniff or do some other business.

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