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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Couple of Easy Runs - RunLog 4-19-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

A bit overcast this morning and I just wanted to get out with Bennie and do an easy 3-4 miles. Bennie hasn't been too enthusiastic about running lately, so I am giving him alternating day and not too far to see if we can re-kindle his running mojo.

So nothing much to write about on this run. Just your typical Bennie run some of it slower, some it stopping to smell the roses or whatever to hell he sniffs and some of it faster.

Run #2

The sun had been shining all afternoon and as soon as I stepped out the door, it started to sprinkle. It didn't really pickup on the way to the gym, so I stuck with the plan of running around 5.0 miles outside. I figured that if it rained a little, I wouldn't melt (too badly) and got myself back outside pretty quickly.

I decided to cut through the Veteran's Cemetary and get over to Rt. 3. Camp Chamberlain's construction is really going full bore and it will be interesting to see how it looks after it is done. Hmmm I wonder if they will have a better Exchange? Oh well, getting back to the run. the uphill part of the Cemetery always seems to slow me down.

Today, the rain started to come down as I started up the hill past Camp C. and continued to come down even more. Once I started down the towards the Hospital, it came down like a cow pissing on a flat rock.

Which also meant that I didn't bother to keep my glasses on and was running pretty much vision impaired, but I could see more with the glasses off than I could with them on

Then again, I was trying to run easy and not push the pace, so I just slowed down to make sure of where my feet were landing.

I could have gone a lot faster, but it was supposed to be an easy day and I kept reminding myself of that.

However, when going up the hill by the hospital, it did get my attention and slowed me down a lot whether I wanted to or not

Even with the rain shower there was still a lot of traffic on Outer Civic Center Drive and crossing over to get going down Leighton Road was interesting and I had to wait quite a while before I was able to cross.

When I got over to Leighton, I really thought about picking up the pace and kept telling myself that I was supposed to do an easy run.

I stayed easy, although I did pick it up a little at the end.

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