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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Allergy Season is Upon Us - RunLog 4-10-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Yepper, siree - something has popped in the area today, yesterday it began and today whatever it is hammered the hell out of my head, tear ducts and sneezability = Miserability.

I had these big plans this morning of doing 3 or so with Bean and then heading into Augusta (the cold wind would be at my back) for another 8+, which would have given me a nice 40 mile week. Well that was the plan, until about 2.0 miles into our run.

At that point, there was no way I was even going to run 4.0 much less that extra 8.0+.

Let's get to the run.

We started out comfortably, Bennie was doing lots and lots of stops and they were not the gentle, Oh I am going to pull over here guy, so you can slow down ahead of time. It was that sudden, aggressive I want to pee HERE, kind of sudden jolt to a stop type of first mile.

I hate those kind of runs with Bennie, but he has a mind of his own about what we are going to do for a run.

Hey, gotta be careful through here, it is wet, slimy and there is some ice too

The second mile was a little less of the same, but the entire time we were on the dirt road we had to be careful of the ice patches - lots of them since the temps were in the low 20's last night with a nasty and cold-ass north wind and still in the 30's when we ran.

Coming back, right around the Blake Road, I started getting the runny eyes (the head had been aching most of the morning) and the sneezitis began a to light up my life. Yes, I slow down on that last mile most of the time, but today I couldn't have sped up if I had wanted to.

Not hitting as hard on my heels as I used to, this was running down-back on the flats and I stopped on the way back thru to get this photo, Bennie checked it out to see who the idiot was that was running in our mud ;-)
I really thought about bagging it when we went by the house, but I sucked it up and made it around the circle - not very fast, but I made it.

When I got inside, I felt as though I had been put through a blender and my head felt like a zit that needed to be popped. No way I was doing a lot else today, especially that planned 8.0+ miler to Augusta.

The rest of the day consisted of sucking it up, doing some small things around the house and making a junk food run to the local store.

Good day, huh ;-)

Now to just get through the next few days and back to normal, well at least what is normal for a bat shit crazy old bastid. ;-)

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