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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cat Adventures and Easy Run - RunLog 4-9-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I've been a bit inconsistent lately posting - just life getting in the way, but hey I am not a pro blogger or anything - just a two-bit guy up heah having fun with the blog, so it doesn't really affect anyone but me ;-). Unless you are really strange and love to read the misadventures of an old fart who loves to have a little fun and write about how bad the weather sucks and how great a runner he is not. hehehee

Today was supposed to be a LONG run into Waterville, but after walking Bennie and my hands being half frozen off, I decided that probably was not a good thing temps in the mid 20's and winds driving them down a bit further, would have made for a sucky long run. So I changed my mind and went into town with the wife, got her a plastic greenhouse that I will get to put together next weekend.

But before we left we had one of those things happen where I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard, Our youngest male cat who who goes by the name of Elliott Thomas. Elliott when he is good and Thomas for when he is being a ornery cat.

Any ways he loves plastic bags.

Rule number 1 - plastic bags and cats can make for some interesting times.

When we scoop the cat boxes, we put the poop in a plastic bag...yeah you can see where this heading I bet.

Well Mary scooped the cat box and put the plastic bag with cat poop in it on the floor and turned around to do something else.

Yep. Thomas comes along and sticks his head in the bag and when Mary turns around and starts to scold the cat, he takes off like all the demons of hell are chasing him.

One small problem, the cat poop plastic bag got tangled around him and he is running at breakneck speed all over the house with a bag partially filled with cat poop bouncing along behind him.

Which caused us both to burst out laughing.

Now Bennie is not one to be left out of this kind of fun and thought this was a great opportunity to chase Thomas around the house too. Yeah, he decided to get in on the action, which only caused the cat to run around the house even faster!!!!

Mary was doubled over laughing and I was doing pretty much the same thing, as I am trying to catch Bennie to give the cat a chance to calm down a little, but he is running everywhere with that damn plastic bag hitting him in the ass and cat shit starting to fly out of the bag going all over the place.

Finally, I got a hold of Bennie, the cat ended up hiding behind the bed panting like he was getting ready for the next lap. We were both laughing so hard we were crying. Finally, we got the plastic bag off Elliott and then had to move the bed, find all the wayward catshit, wash the floors and do a general pickup from where he cat had gone ass over teakettle tying to get that plastic demon off his ass.

When stuff like that happens all you can do is laugh ;-).

That would have been a great one for a video, but I didn't think quick enough to get it.

So the adventures of Elliott Thomas will continue - I am sure, he is just enough of an imp that he will forget about this misadventure and be ready for his next grand adventure to entertain us all.

I did  a bit of work around the house this afternoon (diggin out a few stumps and doing a bit of serious pruning on the old grapevine) and then decided it was time to do a quick run.

Needless to say it didn't compare with how fast Elliott was rampaging around he house this morning, but I felt pretty good and just plugged along. I finally went over 200 miles in the H3's and will be doing their 200 mile review soon.

Unfortunately, something bloomed even with all the cold weather and I have been sneezing and pretty miserable all afternoon, so while the run helped a little, the runny eyes and sneezing are taking their toll on the old body tonight.

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