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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cold Outside and Treadmilly Inside - RunLog 4-4-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Well now, the weather has broken, yesterday morning was 12*F w/wind chills making it lower, then this morning it climbed up to 14*F w/colder wind chills, so it is not shorts and t-shirt weather in this neck of the woods. Oh well Spring in Maine, but damn I really did enjoy running and walking outside without being all bundled up in multiple layers.

Run #1

Yeah this is yesterday's post. The town maintenance crew has added multiple truckloads of gravel into the upper part of down-back, which has made it so it is reasonable to run through. So we have a few more choices other than running down to Pepin Way - finally. The other thing is that everything down-back was frozen, so the mud wasn't a factor.

The wind was coming from a weird direction and felt as though it was in my face in both directions of the North/South O/B, which made the run that much more miserable. Yeah, it was a miserable run, but at least the snow stayed south of us, so the footing isn't terrible.

We didn't try to go fast, my legs were still a little beat from Saturday's long run and I have learned that it doesn't do any good to push things and that it takes a couple of days for me to recover from a harder workout, which sucks, but it is what it is.

Then we had to cut the run short on Tiffany, Bandit (an old spaniel), was out loose baying at us. Bennie and him don't get along, so I turned around early and then didn't want to fight the wind to do another mile.

Run #2

I decided to do the treadmill not the UMA Trails, just because of the cold and wind. I want spring back and this January/February weather just affects me more mentally than it does physically. And yes, running is a mental sport too.

I set it on 7.6 mph and just ran. I had planned on doing an easy 4.0 and not push at all.

Then I had the obligatory 2.0 mile stop and needed to get my arse in gear if I wanted to get back to work on time. I also used a different treadmill today than I usually do and it seemed to be spot on for the mileage with the Garmin Footpad. So which treadmill you use, does make a big difference on whether your distance/speed is close to being the same.

Actually even though I popped the speed up, it didn't feel bad until the last quarter mile, when I put it up to 9.2 mph (which isn't shown on the graph???) - that last quarter kind of sucked, but I finished. So I am not too worried about the GPS/footpad accuracy.

All I know is that the treadmill said 4.0 and the Garmin said 4.0 at about the same time. :-)

I did make it back to work on time.

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