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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Easy Recovery Run - RunLog 4-29-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Yes, I ran yesterday.

Yes, it was still chilly and the winds are still out of the north.

Yes, I still had 3 layers on and dressed like it was early March

Yes, my legs were crispy from that speed workout on Thursday afternoon

Yes, Bennie was a butthole during the run.

Yes, we still had fun!

That last yes, is still the most important yes.


I wore the H3's just as a change of pace and didn't try to hit any kind of speed during the run, I figured that we would just do an easy 3+ and call it a day.

They have pretty much fixed the dirt road down back, so that the deeply rutted areas are decent again, but at the same time, you still have to pay attention, because it ain't level and there are lots of potholes, undulations and rocks that need to be noticed. Nothing bad, but enough that if you are zoning out, it probably won't be pretty and maybe even a little painful.

When you add in a dangerous weapon called a leash, with a dog attempting to twine it through and around your legs at every opportunity (evidently down-back's wildlife was very active the other night) to follow this or that, or to mark this piece of grass.

However, we made it through and got see Mary running on top. She is starting to run again, after breaking her wrist back in March, still not 100%, but she is working it hard and though it might be sore, she will have more back quicker, than if she just sits on the couch whining about how much it hurts (her words). However, I agree with her, but she still gets frustrated easily when the wrist doesn't allow her to do something...she wants to do.

Overall, it was just a nice recovery run and while it was chilly, it wasn't bone numbing cold like the other day, just a little below seasonable. Which is the way it is.

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