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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Long Rainy Run - RunLog 4-2-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Obligatory shot of the Kennebec River going across the Rt. 3 Bridge.
Wouldn'tcha know it, just as I stepped out the door this morning to head out for the first planned double-digit outside run of the year that the rains started. Not a heavy down-pour, but steady rains and of course when it rains...there is usually a bit of wind that comes with it. Yep, guess what direction it came from, that right, straight out of the direction that I was going to be spending most of the run going.

Well, by the time I got to the top of the Bitch to head down it, became the moment of truth, the rain was coming down, the wind whipping in my face and I had at least 10 miles still to go.

Turn around or keep going?

Of course I kept going, it was simply that nasty little voice of inertia and doing the easy-thing adding in its two-cents.

Although at around 3.0 miles, I really thought about turning around and heading back to the barn. The rain was coming down pretty good, the wind was blowing and the temps while they were in the low 40's, felt a LOT colder.

I didn't.

I kept telling myself that I was only going to run by effort and covered up the GPS watch and didn't look at it the whole way. When the winds or rains came a little more ferociously, I just went with the flow, when they eased up or I got into a lee area, I sped up a little.

As you can see by the above graph, it really wasn't all that steadily paced of a run, but I slowed down in areas that I normally would and sped up in areas that I could. I have no idea of what that last big dip is just as I got on to Water Street (maybe I lost signal?). Actually I was pretty happy with how well I did considering the conditions.

The next decision point was whether to go down Rt. 3, Civic Center Drive to Mt. Vernon or take the Leighton Road and cross over Bond Brook to Mt. Vernon. Any way I did it I was going to meet Mary at the Rail Trail Head down in Augusta. I knew the Sportsman's Show was at the Civic Center and running through in front of Wal Mart is always dicey - I didn't feel like playing chicken with them today. I didn't feel like tempting fate going through Bond Brook with its blind curves and no shoulder in the rain (poor visibility - damn glasses and rain just don't mix well) and wind (can't hear traffic as well), so that left Rt. 3.

Which is busier, but at least there is a small break down lane all the way through. One thing I didn't count on though is that it would be a freaking wind tunnel!!! Yeah, as soon as I crested the Hill by the Alfond Cancer Center the winds came straight at me and and until I turned on Bangor St. they stayed right in my face. Not brutal winds, but still more than enough to get your attention pretty well.

Looking towards Bangor Street from the Rt. 3 bridge, yes it was wet and windy
Good thing is is mostly downhill once you get over I95.

Overall, for a nasty day the run wasn't bad, my mile splits were where I wanted to be and even though the rain and wind were not always nice, I didn't feel cold or bad at any point. It was one of those mental mind building runs that I need every so often to remind me that I can still do the longer distances.

The hamstrings did pretty damn good, which leads me to believe it is when I do the speed thing on the longer runs that they bark, bitch and complain at me. Which is kind of what I thought, but today just really emphasized that point. As long as I go with a mid to easy effort based pace, I can run a longer distance without them going ballistic, it is when I attempt to go faster that I run into problems.

But damnit I want to go faster!!!!!!

Go slow grasshopper and you will find untold rewards, like being able to keep running those long runs :-) hehehehe

The M3's did great the entire way and continue to impress me about how well they are doing for me on the slower runs and recovery runs that I have done in them. Today's run had very wet pavement and lots of wet gravel shoulders to run on when cars were going by. They handled everything I threw at them without any issues and my legs didn't feel nearly as beat up as they have in some other shoes, that I have done long runs in.

When we got home Bennie decided to remodel the bed!

and Elliott refused to get out of my chair!

Damn critters!!! Me thinks we spoil them way too much!!!

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