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Monday, April 18, 2016

Old Post Transfer Done and Could've, Would've, Should've

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

There that project is done!!!

It also means that I will no longer be adding to everyone's inbox or feeds with all those old posts I have been transferring to One Foot In Reality from my other blogs.


Actually, except for bothering everyone, I sort of enjoyed this project quite a bit. It gave me a chance to go back through and read all those old posts I had forgotten completely about along the way. Hell, I might even have learned a few things about myself.

First, that I have actually written quite a bit about running and before that about teaching. Not that everything was editorially great or edited all that well, but many of the ideas that I wrote about were and often still are pertinent. In some instances I even surprised myself with a pithy comment or unusual insight into something I thought was important at the time.

Second, man o'man am I a mixed up mess. I don't know whether I am coming or going sometimes, especially when I went back and read some of the stuffage that I did and didn't do. I would get caught up in the "latest" thing in running and on a dime change everything I was doing, even I had a pretty good idea that it probably wasn't the best thing for me. It was like I was searching for the Holy Grail of running - whether it was the "right" training plan, the correct way to run, what I wanted to train for and what running shoes were the answer. Unfortunately, like most others, I never found it and sometimes I think the search, became the focus, not the achievement of what I was looking for.

Third, speaking of running shoes, I can't believe how many I have run in since 2012 and how much blame I put on them for my injury problems or running poorly, when the real reason I was getting injured was pretty basic and simple. Dumb training mistakes and a lack of a consistent idea of what I wanted from running.

Finally, I really think that my love of running shines through, despite how much I whine, piss and moan about the weather, Bennie's moods, how this running shoe is great and then 10 miles later it sucks and all the other hooey blooey that I manage to yak about at some point or another in my blogs.

In other words it was a trip down memory lane that had multiple branches, far too many rabbit holes and maybe even a pretty good post here and there. It was a lot like getting deeply into a maze and then figuring out how to get to hell out again.

The reality is that

I didn't bring forward every post I have done since I started blogging back in October 2007 - I cherry picked the ones that I wanted to keep and left the others where they are.

However, many of the same issues I am having with my running are some of the same ones that I have had multiple times over the last 4-5 years or more than likely even longer:

  • Lack of consistency in training
  • Not really knowing what I want from running - moving targets for goals
  • Mentally not willing to push too far into the Hurt locker (and I even know the reason for it)
  • Remembering that I don't have to run, but that I get to run.

Hopefully, I am starting to get a bit more consistent about things and settling into what I consider my next running phase...

The one where I actually use what I have learned to not try to do everything or run in all the different shoe options. In other words I have a pretty good idea of what I want to achieve, know that using the training methods and tools that do work for me is a good thing and focus on them for a while.

Yeah, the biggest thing is don't just change things around for the sake of changing things around.

I am famous for that and now I need to keep simplifying my running and work harder to be consistent.

Yeah, it is that simple.

Hey, dumbshit, why haven't you done it before if it is that simple.

Well...that is a long story of could've, would've, should've - ain't that the truth ;-).


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed your walk down memory lane - and it reminds me of looking at old pictures either physically or online ... there is always crap you pass right over, but at the best they touch at your very heart and soul and tell you something about yourself. We all have things to learn - or relearn - about ourselves!

    1. Thanks Mike, it is something I think we all should do at some point. Hey, when are you going to take a walk down your blog's memory lane ;-). You wrote some fantastic stuff!!!!


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