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Monday, April 18, 2016

Rail Trail 6.0 Miler - RunLog 4-18-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Congratulations to all of the Boston Marathon finishers!!!!

Especially, Ron, Michelle G., the Boudreau twins and Andy.

I hope everyone's race and the Boston experience were everything that you wanted them to be and yes, I will always be jealous of you.

My Run

Since I had a Dentist appointment (cleaning) this morning, I decided to go ahead and head for the Rail Trail and do 5-6 miles and then a couple of hill sprints after.

The weather was pretty much perfect for running going out, low 50's and a nice tailwind and then when I turned around that nice tailwind became a not so nice headwind. Ah the joys of spring running :-) Even so, the plan just called for an easy run today and I went pretty much by effort, not pace until the last mile when I purposely picked it up a bit.

I felt really strong the entire run and could easily have gone faster, but stayed with what I had planned beforehand (easy) and finished better than I have in a while for a 6.0 miler.

Training Routine Update

Before I turned off the Garmin, I decided to do some hill sprints at pretty much max effort since I am reading Run Faster again by Brad Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald and am adding in some of their routines to mine. I was going to originally do the Winthrop Street Hill by the new Court House, but for the first time of doing some max effort stuff, I thought my hamstrings would be happier doing something a little less aggressive or that steep.

I chose the little hill coming out of Hallowell and while I managed to do a bit more than 8 seconds each time, I really didn't hit any fast speeds, even though I was pushing close to max. Running fast at max effort takes some getting the body used to it. Everything just felt discombobulated the first one, the second felt a little better and the last one woke up something or scatter the rust/dust a little more. It is amazing how different you run when you are pushing close to max, than just plugging along on an easy run.

I am going to use some the training ideas/plans in their book, as the basis for my summer goal race of the Winthrop 4th of July 5K. It is a pretty fast course and I enjoyed running it last year. I just want to see if a more structured (notice I said more, not totally) training routine will help me get to a little better time than last year.

We will see how this goes :-).

PI N1 Tri V2

I did do something a little different. I wore the N1 Tri's that I got for free as member of the PI Champions Team on a planned easy run. Hey, Harold those are supposed to be faster pace shoes not easy run day shoes.

Well I changed out the lacing system to the LockLace style last night and I wanted to see if that made any difference in the how the shoe felt/locked down my heel. It did. The left heel was still a little looser than I like, but I can snug it up a little more. It was a lot better feeling on the top of my foot, it doesn't have that digging in feeling that it had before. So the first run in them with this change, makes me think that I am on the right track and that it was a good thing.

I also did a first draft of the 50 mile review for these shoe and learned a lot about how and why I was feeling kind of meh about them.

The best part was that I have finally accepted that the N1 Tri's have a different fit than the N1 Road's.

They almost have to, since the upper has such a different design and the heel counter is much more rigid feeling to me, but it was something that I just couldn't get by until this morning's run. The Tri v2's performed well and didn't bother me at all during the run. Did they disappear the same as my N1 Road v2's - no, but they are a shoe that I am learning to like the more that I run in them.

They sort of remind me of how I felt initially about my old N2 Road v1's that got over 450 miles and I still wouldn't hesitate to take them out for a quick 5.0 miler (once I took the screws out of the bottom). Some running shoes just take me longer to break-in or accept them for what they are, versus what I expected them to be.

So it was a very good day and I know that I enjoyed watching the Boston Marathon today after I got home, it inspired me to run better (it always does), but didn't get me to think about doing another marathon anytime soon. I still hate the TV coverage and how they just focus so much on the elites, how the Ethiopians will pick their Olympic Team, etc. Once the men's and women's races winners are done, I think the focus needs to change to the real stories that are in there. I love watching the finishers, getting their stories and why they are running Boston.

Me - I will stick with my 5K and under running, and have finally accepted that is my preferred distance. Every so often, I might accidentally do something longer, but not very often and I quickly realize why I stick to the 5K.

However,  at some point this summer I am thinking I might run a local half marathon, just so I can remember how much they make my hamstrings hurt ;-)

Although I did get Mary's new Greenhouse put together this afternoon.

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