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Friday, April 1, 2016

Some Testing Out the M3's Down-back - RunLog 3-3-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

A day late again :-), but that is okay since I did the work, but just did not have the Muse sitting on my shoulder last night.

Bennie and I did an easy 4.0 miler down-back to the Old Dump and back yesterday. Finally, it had firmed up enough to be runnable and the Town Crew back dragged the Upper Gate to the tar section again, so it was not ankle breaker area.

It was also the day that I wanted to see how the M3's did down-back, I knew with this run I would be going over 50 miles in them and hadn't really ran in the slimy mud (not deep mud there is a difference). I had run in just about every other condition, except on the track and I already know the answer to how they would perform there, so we set off down-back - for better or worse.

The section to the upper gate is still rough and the local boys (some not so young) and their toys take great delight in creating the ruts in the mud or is it they are rutting in the mud with their trucks, whatever. It still makes it so you have to find the line and then be willing to quickly jump to a different one to avoid a sockful of mush mud or getting those nice pretty bright blue road shoes all muddy ;-).

Yes, I am so vain about my road shoes, trail shoes I could care less that is what they are made for hehehehe. A different mind-set provided by which shoes you wear.

Then along the flat past the lower gate it was just the slimy stuff and puddles. Once we got past the Blake Road turn, until Tiffany it was packed dirt with sections of slimy mud.

So I got a really good workout going through those sections and the M3's handled the area without any major issues. About as well as any road shoes I have used and better than a couple of so-called trail models that I have run in. However, they are not trail shoes and deeper mud would have made them rather useless, because I have a feeling it would have pancaked on the bottom after a while. But for the areas that I typically run, they would do just fine.

We did pick up the pace a bit when we got back on the tar on Tiffany, but for some reason when we were coming back up the first little bump coming back and Bennie stopped to do Bennie things, I just lost the focus/interest/whatever to really push the pace at all.

Yeah, that last 2.0 miles was just a slog, get it to hell done and over with. I did it, but it was not much fun.

I learned a lot about how the M3's do in slime and will be doing a 50 mile review on them early next week.

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