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Friday, April 1, 2016

UMA Trails Lunch Run - RunLog 3-31-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Usually I do not split up the same day runs into different posts, but I wanted this to be a separate post.

I am lucky to be working on the UMA Campus, I have access to a gym and trails, which means that at lunch I can go for a quick 3-4 mile run on groomed trails. Trails that I have run on since I moved to the area back in 2001, even when I didn't work there.

So now that the weather is breaking I will be able to do a lot more of the nooner's at UMA and that is fine by me. Less time spent on the treadmill is a good thing.

Unlike last time, the ice is all gone, so the trails were in a LOT better shape! Yes, there is some slime, a few wet, muddy places and the field, you might as well accept that you will have to wring your socks out when you finish.

Other than that the trail conditions were fine for trail running and no like I told Stephanie on Facebook last night you probably do still need trail shoes or shoes with a little extra grip to avoid finding your butt on the ground, due to the wet leaves, pine needles, grass and slime.

In other words it is too wet for many of the walkers still.

How did the run go, not bad.

I am still a little too meechy on the downhills and the uphills kick my butt with the extra lardage I picked up this winter, but otherwise I was happy with most everything. The only area that I wasn't too impressed was the last 50 yards of the long grassy hill. I didn't push as much as I had planned and by the time I got to the top I was toast. For some reason that particular hill kicks my arse every time.

Which means that I will get a lot of practice on it over the course of the next few months and might even do a few repeats, just to remind me that I can do the damn faster and not die at the top. Stubborn old fart.

It was a pretty good run and I was able to stretch the legs out a little for the last part on the tar, even though the wind was blowing pretty good in my face for a bit.

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