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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Well It Had To Happen - RunLog 4-26-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

What happened?

For the first time in 2016, I ran in a pair of running shoes that were not Pearl Izumi!

Shocker of shocks!!!

What happened, well after my last couple of races that I ran - I wanted see how I felt running in a pair of racing flats. Unfortunately, I don't really have what I would call racing flats in my Pearl Izumi rotation and the only pair of flats that I still have are my Asics Hyperspeed 6's that I had out in the back of the garage.

So I took them out for a pretty easy run, with no expectations on what to expect.

We started out pretty slowly and the thing that surprised me more than anything was how easy it was to maintain to just run, although my stride was slightly different than in the Pearl's. I could feel a little more strain on the hammies and achilles, not bad, but still there.

Lots of Bennie stops and stuff, but the pace was easy to maintain. Then when we had a couple of cars go by, it was easy to pick up the pace. Then going up the last rise, I didn't even push and we got the 3rd fastest time going up there??? On the way back, I pushed up to about 90% for that last segment and got the the fastest time I have run the segment.

The results of this run really gave me a lot to think about and what I want to wear during "A"  races.

Run #2

I wasn't going to run outside with it snowing pretty hard, yeah snowing during the last week in April.

So that meant a quick treadmill run.

No I didn't wear the Hyperspeeds, but I did wear the N1 Road v2's my second lightest pair of running shoes and I haven't worn them much since I started using the Tri's. I wanted to see how they felt, before I go any further.

I didn't push, but I did keep increasing the pace, turning an easy 3.0 into a nice progression run.

I felt pretty good the entire way and could have picked it up even more whenever I wanted. Even so, it was not the same feel that I had in the Hyperspeeds this morning. It was more of a nice comfortable run where I could run fast if I wanted to, versus the I want to run faster in these shoes. I guess I might have to do some more experimenting and it all might just be in head, but if I believe it, it is my reality - isn't it?

It really comes down to shoe weight and while so many do poo poo it as a non factor, speaking for me, I am finding out that I run faster in a lighter shoe. The difference between the Hyperspeed 6.5 oz's to the PI Tri v2's 9.1 oz is pretty significant. I know that I could definitely feel the different this morning and could even tell the difference pretty clearly from the N1 Road v2's 8.3 oz.

Although the PI's do definitely have a smoother and quieter feel when running.

At some point, I have a feeling that for my "A" races or hard speed workouts I am going to look at using racing flats and Pearl Izumi for everything else, including my "B" races. It is something I have to do a lot more thinking and experimenting with.

However, I do know that I prefer a shoe with at least a 22mm stack height in the heel, the old heel striker in me needs a bit more cushioning than the 16mm some/many racing flat models give.

Well time will tell in what direction I am going.

Lots to think about.

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