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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

First Runs Nike Streak LT3 - RunLog 5-3-16

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I wasn't sure how these would do this morning, last night when I tried them on - I wasn't enthusiastic with the way the tongue felt, but running in the shoes was a revelation about a bunch of things.

Run #1

First Bennie and I ran down to Pepin Way and I pretty much figured out how they would affect my stride pretty quickly (every shoe lets or makes you adjust your stride slightly), so that was pretty nice. Sometimes a shoe just doesn't "feel" right for the first few miles, the LT3's took about 1/2 mile to figure out the subtle differences.

However, going down the Bitch, a couple of cars went by and Bennie went into over-dog mode.

Even though I wasn't ready to go that fast in the LT3's and had to haul back on the leash pretty good, so that I wouldn't go head over heels down the hill - he wanted to go FAST!!!

I still wasn't confident in the shoes going down that steep of a hill - a half mile doesn't make you feel like you can run like the wind quite yet.

Once we got to more level ground, I did focus on how the shoes felt and attempted to pick up the pace every so often, but I didn't really try to get up to race pace all that often, it just seemed to happen a couple of times and felt pretty natural.

I got a couple of 3rd fastest times, but wasn't pushing hard, more of a comfortably hard. I did push a little harder, but not full out on the Howard to Mailbox and was only a second off my fastest time, so I have a feeling if I want to pop that one in the LT3's they will take it pretty quickly.

Yeah, I even did my 3 max-out hill repeats and yes they still suck!!! :-)

Run #2

Lunch run, so I was time limited, but I really didn't want to do the treadmill today. It was overcast and low 50's with a 5-10 mph breeze, so pretty much perfect for running as far as I am concerned. Yeah, so I went to Planet Fitness and did a couple of laps around Leighton Road.

The first mile was pretty slow and that first dip was a dump truck playing chicken with the runner for no reason - I was almost in the dirt on Outer Civic Center Drive and he starts coming towards me to make me jump in the ditch (there was not any traffic coming in the other direction) - yeah an asshole. He wins, since I ain't going to argue with a dump truck, but WTF???

It wasn't like he couldn't see me.

At that point I had a little extra adrenaline and popped up to a little faster pace. I wasn't planning on doing any race pace work today, I just wanted to get used to the shoes, but it was pretty easy to get going faster in the LT3's.

I still haven't figured out what the big slow down was over on coming back up the straight away, but I must have lost focus for a minute.

Not very color coordinated to say the least! But very visible
Actually, I was very happy with both runs, sub 8:00's for a pace for both runs outside is something that I haven't done this year and made pretty happy, because I had plenty of pop left when I finished.

How did the Nike Streak LT3's do?

  • A positive first impression was made and they are a faster shoe than I will ever run in them!
  • Comfortable - no hot spots or anything feeling off.
  • Lighter than anything I have run in, in quite a while.
  • Still not a fan of the tongue, I have to pay attention to make sure there are no wrinkles.
  • I don't have to tie the shoes tight or even very snug, when I do the laces will dig into the top of my foot.
  • I like the softer heel and firm forefoot, just seems to feel right to me.
  • Not as quiet as I like, but when I was running faster they quieted down nicely.
  • Well ventilated, good in warmer weather, not so good in cold weather.

I think the LT3's are going to be a shoe that I will not wear socks with...I wore them at work this afternoon for 4 hours without socks and had no issues, now to do a few runs sockless to see how they do.

The more that I think about it, the LT3's had a very good first impression, now to get a few more miles on them at my mile and 5K paces and see how they really go.

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