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Sunday, May 29, 2016

It Got Sort of Warm Out Yesterday - RunLog 5-28-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Yes, Bennie and I ran yesterday, thankfully we got done before it climbed out of the 70's and got into that nasty 90's weather, that is awfully early for this stuff.

Elliot relaxing in air conditioned comfort
I consider this the first real run in the Lunar Glide 7's, because Friday's 1.0 mile was one of those just get acquainted things. Actually, that I/we ran as far as we did was a pretty big surprise.

Initially, I was only going to run down to the little bump (1.0 mile), but when got there, the leg was feeling pretty good and Bennie was prancing along, so we kept going down to Bartlett. Once we got on Bartlett the sun was out and it was getting pretty warm compared to the dirt road which was tree lined.

Running in the LG-7's is a bit different than running in PI's and changes my stride slightly, which might be just enough to let me still get some miles in, but not totally screw things up. I just have to remember to keep things slow and easy.

Bennie was happy to be running again and even though his tongue was hangin pretty good by the time we got back around Howard Circle, he wanted to keep going and I had to pull him to a stop. Damn Dawg.

Even though I felt good enough to keep going, 3.3 miles was enough for my first actual run since I hurt the leg a week and half ago, so we stopped...yes, I got "the look" from Bennie and a tug to emphasize he wasn't done yet. I tugged back and he reluctantly came with me up the driveway.

I thought that I might do another 2.0 miles later on, but with temps in the 90's during the day and too much lawn mowing, I decided to relax instead. See I can be good once in a while.

One thing I did since it was so damn hot outside was read and finish "How Bad Do You Want It?" Then I put together this blog post on it. Good book that made me think about a lot of things - always a good thing.

Did the left leg hurt, a little but not like it has and as long as I don't go completely unhinged things seem to be improving...slowly. Although mowing the lawn after the run, didn't make it feel all that great, but it is something that needed to be done, so it got done.

How did the Lunar Glide 7's do. I forgot about them.

What more can I say. However, I really didn't think that they were bright enough so I added some old bright orange laces for more contrast and got rid of matching blue that faded into the upper.

I like the looks better.

The run was really encouraging, so we will see how it does on today's run.

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