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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Long Run and a Good Day - Run Log 5-7-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Just a busy day that started way too damn early.

I had to drive SD1 and SD 2 to Portland for 8:00 AM, so they could head out on their vacation and it was a great opportunity for me to run Back Cove.

The weather was less than stellar, overcast, drizzle , a bit breezey and in the mid 40's. When I started out I had my hands in the sleeve pockets and didn't take them out for the first 4.0 miles of the run. Initially, I was going to run 2 laps in my N1 Roads and then do the last lap in the LT3's.

However, once I got on Tuckey's Bridge I decided to head over to the Prom and see what and how far the trail goes, compared to the way it was back in 1989 & 1990 when I was working down on Commercial Street and running up Munjoy Hill to get to Back Cove or going thru BIW controlled land and then beside the tracks and climbing up Eastern Prom to get over to Back Cove.

I haven't been through this area  since they did all the improvements.

The trail goes all the way thru to Commercial Street and man have things changed and been CLEANED UP since the last time I went along the where the trail now is. As a matter of fact, I still have scars on my knee from where I stepped on a barbed wire booby trap that some asshole setup back then along the tracks path. When I stepped on a board just in front of a big puddle, it released barbed wire and caught my leg pretty good. I had to go over to Martin's Point to get stitched up and a Tetanus shot. After that I didn't bother running down there, someone didn't want runners down there interrupting whatever was going on.

Enough of ancient history.

Today's run was uneventful and actually was just a nice to be running through there. The narrow gauge railroad was getting ready to open up and I got to see the trains briefly. It was fun heading down through Commercial Street and seeing the Drydock was still there and while where I used to work has changed a lot, I found it without any problems.

On the way back it was better because the wind was at my back.

Actually, I was pretty steady in the 8:50 to 9:00 minute pace for most of the run, but the last mile I kind of lost interest, my glasses were misted over and when I took them off, I couldn't see a damn thing and just slowed down due to focus issues more than feeling bad.

How did the N1's do?

Just fine, but I wouldn't want to make a habit of running double-digit runs in them. For me there just isn't quite enough shoe between me and the road. I am more sore than I usually am after a long run, however, if I was going to run a half marathon, I can see me using these shoes without any problem. Although the recovery would be a little longer after wearing them.

No I never did calibrate the LT3's, I was just toast after the run.

On the way home, I stopped at the Maine Running Company looked at few different shoes, figured out that the ones that I have work and screwing around with my rotation, wouldn't make it better and walked out without buying anything new :-). Then I had to make an emergency pit stop in Freeport, so I had to stop at the Nike Outlet store and see what they had in stock. I was looking for a new pair of running shorts, but I had to try on the Nike Free Distance and they felt an awful lot like the N1 Roads. Nope walked out there without anything new either, although a pair of Vomero 9's were pretty tempting.

Goodness gracious, have I turned over a new leaf or what :-) ???

The nap this afternoon was pretty good, but the legs did protest a bit when I mowed a couple of lawns ...mowing lawns after a long run probably is not the ideal way to recover, but I had to get them done today.

Overall, a good day...got Mary's Mother's Day presents, did not spend anything on running stuff for a change and got things for a nice supper for her tomorrow...so it was a pretty damn good day.

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