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Friday, May 27, 2016

Mini Vacation, Choices and First Run in LG 7's - RunLog 5-27-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Well there, a mini vacation, a few decisions made, bought some new running gear and lots of driving.

Hell, I was even able to run twice today.

Okay let's talk about running first.

This morning, I went over to the Royalty Inn's fitness center and did 5:00 minutes on the ARC trainer and then another 5:00 minutes on a stair stepper. However, when I started to run on the treadmill, it just didn't feel right, so I stopped after about a minute.

Yes, I am trying hard to be smart about returning to running. It probably didn't help that I was running at 7.2 mph (my usual slow treadmill speed) and should have been more in the 6.5 mph range. Oh well, I am not all THAT smart.

Then I sat in the sauna for 10 minutes.

At that point I was feeling pretty loose and decided to go for a run outside. I wan't going to go too much more than 1.0 mile and wanted to see how my M3's felt.  The run was nothing special, other than I was able to run the full mile, but unfortunately I could feel the left Achilles pulling and by the end it was starting to tighten up pretty good. So that answered that question for me.

After eating breakfast, we drove down to North Conway - yeah the outlet stores and I wanted to stop at Pearl Izumi and Nike outlet stores.

Yeah Nike.

I have been wearing my old worn-out LunarGlide 5's as my walking shoes for the past couple of days and have had some real progress in how my Achilles is feeling compared to how it feels while wearing the lower drop shoes I typically wear. I wanted to try on the LunarGlide 7's and see how they felt.

They felt good enough that I walked out with the LG7's in my hands. Yes, I paid for them before I walked out.

Then we went down to the PI store and got socks and a pair of running shorts that I have been wanting for a while. They had a lot of stuff I would love to have walked out with, but right now that is all that I really need. I do love the PI outlet store and the manager always treats everyone great that comes in. Fantastic customer service and outstanding prices on the gear that I really love.

MMMM Harold there is a disconnect here - you bought Nike running shoes and are a PI Run Champion - aren't you? Well I will be writing about that over the next couple of days.

Run #2

After driving most of the day, we got home around 2:00 PM after which I took a nap and then wanted to get a first run in my new LunarGlide 7's. However, before that I needed to walk Bennie and Mary came along too. We walked 2.5 miles and then I ran a mile on tired legs/feet.

The LG7's felt different than any Nike shoe I have run in before (which is why I walked out with them this morning) - they fit my feet perfectly. Usually, Nike's are too narrow in the toe box, but the LG7's felt, well comfortable, no fuss, no muss.

My Achilles was tired from the walk, but it didn't tighten up like it did this morning or when I attempted to run in the Clifton v1's on Monday. Which I think might have something to do with the higher drop of the LG7's. I felt good enough that I could have done another mile, but I decided that one mile was enough for today.

However, the shoes performed well enough that I didn't think about them, other than how well they felt.

Now I know that simply changing shoes is not the entire answer, there is a lot more to rehabbing my Achilles/Heel area to do, but it is a positive sign and the LG5's had helped just wearing them around.

So it seems that the they are at least a part of what I need to move on.

The reality is that

it was a nice mini vacation over to New Hampshire, where I made a bunch of choices that will change how I view and do things for a while. Especially, while I rehab my left leg and get back to walking and running without any discomfort.

More on this after I wrap my head around everything and have a chance to let the choices I have made sink in a litttle...well a lot.

Yeah, Harold being Harold.

All I know is that even running a mile a two today, did feel good. Let's see how things feel in the morning.


  1. Enjoy the weekend.
    I didn't even sign up for a race this weekend!
    I am doing a s$(t ton of yard work though. My garden is about 90% in. If something doesn't come up by next weekend, I'll plant something new in that row. I have so many old seed packets. My plan this year is to use them all up.
    Garden season is like running season, you always start with big plans. Then the weather knocks you for a loop, the rabbits break in, or your nutrition and hydration are off. So we adjust and sometimes go to the garden shop for plants. Or the Nike store. ;)

    1. Luckily my wife is the gardener, me I am just the muscle who does what he is told, and has to be well-supervised in the garden to make sure I don't destroy another 10 year old asparagus bed ;-). She still married me, so that says how much she is willing to put up with me hehehehe. I have a mile race on Monday down in Freeport and haven't decided if I am going or not. Still not race ready with the leg, but I could just run it at about 8:00 minute pace :-)

  2. The never-ending quest for the best shoes continues :)

    It is funny that I am really veering more and more towards the Nike side again ... the Free 3.0 Flyknit are SO comfortable and great to run in, that the Saucony's feel very stiff when I alternate (but are significantly cheaper!).

    1. Yeah, sometimes we go backwards to go forward. I liked the Free's but they are just not quite enough shoe for longer runs for me. You are so lucky to be able to run in less shoes for the distances you run. The more I look at the newer Nike's the manufacturing tolerances seem to be tighter than some other brands. They just seem to be moving in the same direction I am for a while, but we will see how long they keep going in it. Historically, I have run in more Nike's than any other brand of running shoe, but sometimes they take a turn that I don't like or can't wear (pointy toes, narrow toe boxes) ;-)


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