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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Nice Back Cove Run and Who Got My Vanity Plate - RunLog 5-14-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

There...I survived Finals Week, although I did have to go in on Saturday...well actually I volunteered, but it needed to be done, there were 512 emails in the Inbox and I added another 40 before I got started on it, by the time I left, I had gotten it down to 280 and got us to Friday morning's incoming exams. Even so we will not be done processing everything until sometime on Tuesday. Just a LOT of incoming tests.

The bad part was that outside was one of those mythical top 10 days, so it was just as well I was in the little room with no windows. ;-)

After working until 4:00 PM, I had to head down to Portland to pick up SD1 & 2 from their vacation trip, so of course I left early enough time to do a couple of laps around Back Cove.

I was looking for it to be a fairly steady, but not a hard run.

I definitely needed to move after being trapped inside all day and then driving an hour, more than I needed to push the pace. However, I wanted to do a little more than a zone 1 or 2 (for me) run.

When I left Augusta it was full sun and probably in the mid 70's a gorgeous day that I missed. However, by the time I got to Portland, it was overcast and not just breezy, but a very steady wind right out of the South. That last section right along the Interstate was tough because of the wind. However, I have a feeling it was better for running than that mid 70's, bright sun would have been. Although I would have loved a little less wind.

At the last minute I decided to wear the LT3's more to see how they did on the gravel path - I wanted to see how many pebbles and how much dust they let inside since they are so well ventilated, plus I tend to go a little faster in them.

Definitely surprised at the number of "Strava awards" this run got me, because I was not trying for them. Kind of felt good to be able to do that.

I did have to do a quick Port-a-Potty stop around 2 miles, but otherwise felt pretty strong the whole run and while I did push a little bit in a couple of places, for the most part I just ran comfortably. Although the graph doesn't show I ran very steadily, I felt as though I was giving a consistent effort.

I had though that I would change out the LT3's for my N1 Roads after the first lap, just to push the N1's over the 200 mile point, but decided that I was running quite nicely in the LT3's, so I kept going.

How did the LT3's do?

Just fine, there were no pebbles or grit inside the shoes, which surprised me, since they are more of an open mesh. Especially, since when I wear my PI's on this course, I can always empty some out??? They handled the slower speeds just fine and when I wanted to pick things up, they transitioned quickly to the faster pace. I like the firmer forefoot and softer heel design and while they are not as quiet or smooth as my PI's they do better than most.

Although I could tell if I tried to go for a fast pace...sub 7:30 for this kind of distance or further, that no matter what shoes I wear the hammies would be barking pretty loudly.

A good run that was needed to clear out Finals Week survival mode I have been in. Now to get back to normal training. But getting used to the new schedule will take a few weeks.

While I was waiting for the girls, this truck rolls in front of me, parks and I just had to smile.

I always wondered who got this vanity plate. Some guy down in Portland got it.

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