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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Recovery and Mental Toughness Run - RunLog 5-8-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Goodness gracious my legs felt trashed after yesterday's 10 miler in Portland and then mowing a couple of lawns. Let's be honest when I started out they didn't want to go far or fast, they would have been completely happy taking a nice long soak in the tub or simply doing jack shit.

It seemed that Bennie was fine with it too, he was not interested in heading out the door. The weather wasn't terrible, overcast, high 40's a little breeze (nice running weather), so I just think he is starting to prefer the walking over the running a little more.

Like my legs, once we got going it was okay, not great and we just plugged along the entire run. Lots of Bennie stops and a couple of pretend stops where he just lifted the leg and nothing came out. He would look back at me and kind of laugh then get to running down the road again.

I was pretty close to get my first 40 mile week of the year and needed 5.2 miles to do it and was planning to do the distance with Bennie. Even though he wasn't really into the run today.

Then we saw Mary heading down the hill towards us, I was struggling to keep moving - the M3's felt like lead weights, I was overheating (too many layers) and then I got this "great" idea about going ahead and doing the footpad calibration on the LT3's and attempting to catch up with her.

Bennie just wasn't into the run and barely paused when we went by Mary (usually he attempts to go with her and barks his disapproval as we go in the other direction) - he just wanted to get home. Hell we didn't even do Howard Circle, we stopped at the mail box and he happily pranced up the driveway and went quickly into the house. Smart Dawg.

Dumb Harold

Well I wanted to get the Garmin Footpad calibrated so that I could use them on the treadmill and still have a close guestimate of how far/fast I ran that is a little more accurate than Thursday's run. I also wanted to try them out with barefoot, you know that no sock thing.

Now I am not saying the different shoes made all the difference, but I went from struggling to maintain a 9:30 pace to stepping right along at around a 7:30 pace without too many issues. Maybe it had something to do with going from almost 12 oz shoes to something pretty close to 5 oz.?

It just felt like I was supposed to run faster in the LT3's, even if I wasn't purposely trying to. I was more interested in getting them calibrated. Once that was done I did slow down think about what I wanted to do next.

Unfortunately as I was finishing off that first mile I could feel the right heel starting to loose some skin (never a good feeling) and the left heel began to heat up a bit as well. I needed, well wanted to finish two miles for that 40 mile week. So I decided to ignore the heels and kept going for that last mile today.

Did I ever tell you how dumb I really am?

I did slow down a bit and the heels were getting a little unwarranted attention from the old brain, which berated the operator about who the dumbshit was that ordered the no socks experiment. The legs started to complain louder about how trashed they were and talking to the operator about this extra running being stoopid.

So when just about the time I got to the neighbor's mailbox, I decided enough of this complaining crap, let's see what the shoes and old body can do on the Howard to Home Segment, when it is tired, beat, up, skin missing on my heels and everything is complaining about how much this run sucks.

As you can see I had that momentary ahhh come on-what the hell are we doing, then I got up to speed pretty quick and had to tell the body the sooner we get this over with the sooner we can stop running hard. Once I got going, I forgot all about the heels, sore legs and everything else that was hurting - and just freaking ran.

I beat my CR for this segment by 3 seconds.

Mind over body, even if it is only for 200-300 yards.

After that I just plugged along until I met Mary coming back up over Stevens Hill and ran back to the house with her.

So the LT3's are now calibrated and I know they ain't worth a shit to me, without socks on.

Which means I have to get my light socks out of their brief retirement and use them when running in the LT3's or else suck it up build the callouses up on my spleeny little heels if I want to run sockless in them.

They did show me that they are fast flats for me, I ran well in them even though every thing was working against them today...10 miles yesterday, mowing two lawns, heels missing skin and not a lot of mental of toughness going on - they still ran a segment CR and there was more in the tank. I wonder what they will bring that CR down to if can ever run it on fresh legs?

Oh well a tough day for running - one of those yes I did run days and snatching that segment record did a bit for the confidence department.

Let's see how they feel tomorrow.

Hey, I did get 40 miles in for the week - first time this year.

Now that I have had my Sunday afternoon nap and finished up this post that going and soaking in an Epsom Salt bath does sound pretty damn good.

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