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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Running upta Thomas College - RunLog 5-1-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

An almost perfect day for a run and to start May 2016!!!

Which means that it wasn't a day to go to the beach or the slopes, but it was cloudy, 56*F degrees, with a 5-10 mph tailwind all the way to Thomas College. Just the conditions that I love to run in, being in shorts and a t-shirt also helps a lot too.

I wanted to stay right around a 9:00 minute pace the entire way, since I haven't run a long run in a few weeks, nothing super fast, but be consistent most of the way in.

As you can see from the Strava Stats, I did a pretty good job and ended up with a 9:02 overall pace.

Which is close enough to what I wanted.

The pacing doesn't look too consistent, there was a lot of traffic where I ran today, especially once I got out to the Middle Road so I was constantly moving from the tar to the dirt shoulder (which is a much slower surface), so I lost a little time in those sections.

Although the last 3.0 miles of the run, the bottom of my feet hurt like hell...not sure what is going on with that? Usually I am a good downhill runner, but I didn't even try to pickup the pace they hurt so much that by the time I got to the bottom of the Terrier Trot course hill, I really thought about walking it in - so they were bothering me a LOT.

The last time I ran 11.0 they didn't feel this way, so I am not sure about what is going on. I ran in my M3's, but that is what I wore last time, so that shouldn't have made a difference.

I have not run a long run since 4/2, so maybe the bottom of my feet just need to get toughened back up, but it was uncomfortable and affected how I was running at the end.

Although as soon as I stopped running the pain went away, so I didn't do any lasting damage to the feet (even if it felt like I was at the time). Not sure what is going on, but if my feet continue to feel that way on long runs in the M3's it kind of defeats the purpose of having them doesn't it.

Happy with how everythng else felt, but not the feet. So I have a feeling that I will be using the same shoes for my next couple of long run session, to see if it is just me today or if it is something else.

Happy but not happy with this run.

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