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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Running With Mary - RunLog 5-29-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Actually the left leg was feeling pretty good this morning, despite all of my attempts yesterday to do a little too much with it. Which means that it is healing...which also means that this is the most dangerous time for me.

It is the time when I am most likely to be or do something stoopid. At least now I am recognizing that and working hard to not be too stoopid.

Bennie was being a butthead this morning and wouldn't come and I will not chase him around the house - he thinks it is great fun. So I went to do a mile warm-up without him, figuring that he would be more willing to go for a run then. He hates being left behind and was barking out the window at me as I headed down the driveway for that lap up on top.

When I got back there was no dog and no Mary, so I put 1 + 1 together and figured out that she had taken Bennie downback and that it might be a good idea to haul ass and go catch them.

I was pretty well warmed up so I picked up the pace a little. Well I didn't know that Mary was running with Bennie, not walking, so it took me until the Blake Road to catch them. During that time, I was running relaxed and for the most part without too much discomfort.

The heel area does not have full extension yet, but as long as I kept the strides shorter and didn't try to push off too hard with my toes, it wasn't too bad. However, when I caught them it was time to get back to reality and slow down again. Although I gotta admit it felt good to run a little quicker than I have been lately.

After that we just plugged along talking and gabbing about this and that. We usually don't run together anymore so it was nice to do it. Plus I think that Bennie liked it, but he did keep trying to go down the road a little faster than Mary was interested in going.

I thought about heading out and doing enough to call it 5.0, but figured that I had enough for the day and shut it down when Mary stopped.

A really good run, where I got to work on keeping my head up, I have been looking back through my running photos for a couple of things and noticed a pattern...when others are taking my picture during a race, my head is always down and I seem to be looking about 3 feet in front of me. Supposed to be running tall Harold, not hunched over.

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