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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Still Injured and Dipping the Toe Back in Education for a Moment

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Well hell, I should be out running the UMA 5K Trail Race right now, but due to my training mistake earlier in the week (too fast, too soon), I am sitting at the kitchen table not having run since Tuesday and probably won't run until sometime after next week.

Yeah, it sucks, but I am trying to be smart about it.

I didn't go to the race because I would have been tempted to just run it slowly (we all know how well I do with going to a race and just running...I ain't smart enough to just do that), so I purposely stayed home and considered my entry fee as a contribution to a something I believe in.

The first step back is to be able to walk without any limp, which hasn't happened yet, so until I can, no running.

Pretty simple first step to overcome.

However, I wanted to reflect a little on UMA's Faculty Institute yesterday.  Although, I am not an educator anymore and am just an admin assistant now, I still sort of keep my toe in what's going on in education. After all I was Special Education teacher for over 10 years and can't completely ignore what is happening in education today.

Since I was a room Docent for 5 sessions, I got to listen in on those presentations.

Many of the issues that were issues when I left teaching in 2011 are still issues, standards, proficiency based education, innovation versus accepted, technology and how it fits, classrooms of the future, individualized, personalized learning, community partners, student attitudes of entitlement, community involvement, using "real" life as part of the curriculum to make it well more real for the students, diplomas vs certificates of attendance and so on.

Yes, many of these presentations were for educators who are teaching at the college level, but it seems to me that we were having many these same conversations at the high school and junior high levels five and more years ago. Especially in the Twitter #hashtag groups, EdCamps, Blogs, seminars, trainings and other places I hung around as a educator.

I am not saying anything negative about the way or what was presented, because they were great presentations by educators and others who are committed to improving education. I enjoyed listening in and thinking about how I could have included some of their ideas, into classrooms I had.

A few times it did make me wonder about what it would be like to return to the classroom and use some of what I was learning.

So how much has changed in the five years, since I walked away from being a teacher?

From what I can see not all that much in the presentations yesterday, which were geared to different levels of sophistication and expectations for slightly different audience. Too many of the issues and comments sounded familiar to the ones I was saying and listening to.

So while my brief immersion back into the educator side of the fence was fun, informative and made me think about what I had walked away from. It also confirmed that I made the correct choice for me back in 2011.

Yeah, I am happier being an administrative assistant than I would be as a teacher (at whatever level) in today's world.

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