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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Stupid Is as Stupid Does - RunLog 5-17-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Well, yesterday's speed work session turned into a bit of a shit show. That is about all I can say and the title of this post pretty much sums it up.

Yes, I am stooopid and sometimes my own worst enemy.

Yesterday morning's easy run was a nice 4.0 miler, but I noticed that my left Achilles felt a bit tight, not anything new, ever since I partially tore it a few years ago, there are days it tells me all about the woes of the world and it was doing just that.

Usually, when it starts to talk to me, I ease up for a couple of days and it stops sulking and barking at me.

However, like the typical runner I am, after all I am preparing to do a trail race this weekend and that mile race on the 30th, I "needed" to get a quality speed work session in on my Tuesday speed work day.

So damn the torpedoes!

Yes, I went ahead and did the speed work session in spite of that "little voice" in the back of my head telling me, I really, really needed to skip running fast yesterday.

Harold - guess what -- the "little voice" was right.

It was a pretty nice day in the 60's but the wind was pretty brutal on Outer Civic Center Drive, so I waited until I got on Leighton to start the speed work. The Achilles was a little sulky, but not too bad, so I figured it would be fine.

I planned on going short and faster than usual for 6-10 intervals and finishing up with 4 x max effort hill repeats for 8-10 seconds with about 4.0 miles total for the run.

That was the plan.

The first interval felt good, so did the second one (both got under that magical 6:00 minute pace barrier), but when I slowed down I noticed the left Achilles beginning to bark a little more, the third interval was okay (around 6:50) and then I decided to do a little longer interval for the 4th one (sub 7:00). Towards the end of that one, the Achilles really started to bother, not bark, so I shut down the faster work and figured that was enough speed work for the day.

It wasn't feeling too bad, so instead of just going back to the barn, I decided that I could do an easy lap to get the 4.0 miles in and see if the Achilles would loosen up enough to do the hill sprints.

Big mistake.

Once I got over to Leighton Road (shorter to just keep going), my Achilles really began to talk to me in a particularly nasty way. I finished, but really wished that I hadn't done that last lap!

So much for being a smart runner. Kind of an oxymoron when applied to Harold the Destroyer.

Which means that I probably have at least a week away from running and will miss the trail race this weekend - smart move right!!!!

Oh well, it is probably just a bad flare-up of my Achilles tendon somethingness, there was no bruising or dark spots, so I didn't re-tear or really screw things up, but this is what usually happens when I try to combine speed and not quite up to that speed conditioning.

Maybe someday I will learn.

It is my first real self-induced ouchie in a while, so I will live with it and who know, maybe I will heal quickly enough to run, not race the 5K Trail race this weekend at UMA.

If not I will chalk it up to another learning experience.

But for now I am limping around and whining about how stoopid I am.

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  1. Oh boy I sympathise Harold. Ignoring the little voice and getting hurt is the story of my running career. I had hoped to do the UMA race, but will be working instead. I'm trying to get ready for the old port half, would love to run with you when you are feeling better and it Augusta again.


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