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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Survived Finals Week - RunLog 5-15-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I survived Finals week. If your primary job is proctoring tests, finals week to be quite blunt is a pain-in-the arse. Oh well now I can get back to working and training regularly and not feeling like a mental dishrag when I get home.

Other than Finals what happened last week.

Actually, that is about all that happened, though I did keep running enough to squeeze in 30 miles and even got one of those funny things called a rest day - well at least I didn't run that day. I don't think I had any rest days last week.

Favorite Photo This Week:

The yard after the first mowing of the season, I have a feeling I might get to do it a few more times this year, before it is all said and done.


I didn't even try to follow a plan this week, I just ran when I could and did what the body felt like, not what some plan said I needed to do. Sometimes when we runners have a hard week at work, we still try to stick to our original plans, even if that might not be the best idea in the overall scheme of things.

One thing that I have learned over all these years, is that when one part of your life really ramps up, something has to give a little. In this case work took the cake and running had to take the back seat for a while. It's okay, because a little cut-back doesn't really hurt things and the best thing is that even tough I was brain-dead and kind of zombiefied by Friday, I still got 30 miles in for the week.

Weekly Summary


Yes, I got my miles in without doing any doubles and that included having a day off from running, so I was actually pretty damn happy about it! I am not great at sticking with training plans and just running to run for a week was nice, but I also know that I need to get more race-pace work done and that for me means getting to the track once a week. Treadmill runs are good for maintaining, but to actually train means getting on the track and ideally with some other runners who are better than I am.

Running Shoes

Disclosure I was selected on December 22, 2015 to be a member of the Pearl Izumi Run Champions Team and am positively predisposed to Pearl Izumi products. The opinions I have expressed are my own and your experiences with Pearl Izumi products might be different from mine. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” 

I don't want anyone to say - "Harold I didn't know you had a relationship with Pearl Izumi...blah, blah, blah." Since I do and I will make sure that when I am writing about Pearl Izumi gear that I say whether I got it as part of my team Pearl Izumi Run Champions Team membership or not 

My current running shoe rotation:
  • Pearl Izumi H3 Roads v1 - Personal Purchase
  • Pearl Izumi N1 Trail v1 - Personal Purchase
  • Pearl Izumi M3 Road v2 - Personal Purchase
  • Pearl Izumi N2 Roads v1 - Personal Purchase
  • Nike Streak LT3 - Personal Purchase
Yep, still happy and very Pearl Izumi centric with my shoes this week. I plan to run primarily run in PI shoes simply because they work better than anything else I have run in for a long, long time.

Although, I am finding that I enjoy my running more in lighter shoes, the heavy stompers while serving a great purpose - well I find myself choosing other shoes first.

Oh well let's see how my present rotation is doing - actually not a whole lot has changed and I am still running well in my PI's:

PI weights are from their website.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Road (8.3 oz): 

Pearl Izumi N1 Road v2 - 50 Mile Review

These shoes now have over 200 miles on them and yes I do still like them, however they are not really race day shoes and they are not really enough shoe (for me) to be my long run, recovery shoe. They are really tweeners that I love to run in but have better shoes for racing and while I will keep using the N1 Road v2's for my daily trainers until they wear out, I really believe that when I replace them it will be with the N2/M2's. Want to get the right tool for the right job.

They have done everything that I have asked of them, except be great racing flats, which is not what they are designed to be.

Nike Streak LT3 (5.3 oz-RW)

My only pair of running shoes in the rotation that are not Pearl Izumi. The why about why I chose the LT3 can be read here (What Happened to My Brand Loyalty?) and I can honestly say that when I run in these shoes, I want to run faster. Here is my Initial Impressions post - First Runs Nike Streak LT3 - RunLog 5-3-16.

What can I say other than I am really liking the LT3's so far. I had a 6+ and 7+ mile runs in them this week and they did everything I asked of them. They let me run fast, but still had enough shoe to protect my legs quite well. They are a faster than I will ever be racing flat and when I run in them I have confidence that when I want to I can pick up the pace comfortably - I will.

What I don't like so far is that sometimes rocks get stuck in the sole and that either causes me to stop to flick them of the center section - if the rock is in there just right they do poke the bottom of the foot or listen to the tap, tap of rocks on pavement.  Plus I do have to wear socks with them otherwise my heels get blisters.

I am still running in them and continue to use them. A nice workhorse of a shoe that eats up the mileage for me.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail (9.3 oz):

Pearl Izumi N1 Trail V1 - 50 Mile Review

Pearl Izumi N1 Trail V1 - 200 Mile Review

The N1 Trails are my go to outside shoe for just about any kind of running during the winter (not for ice or freezing rain though). They have done everything I have wanted and done it well. I have put them in the back of the truck, that way I will have them to run at UMA or other trails when the opportunity presents itself.

Unfortunately, no trail runs this week, either the weather sucked or I had other plans for that day.

However, I can see me always having a pair of N1 Trails (whatever version) on hand, just because they can do anything I want and I don't feel like I really need to carry a gazillion pair of shoes around if I decided to go on a trip. They would be my hiking shoes, running shoes, go out to eat shoes, wear around town shoes and if I had to I could race a road race in them pretty well I have a feeling.

Pearl Izumi N1 Tri v2 (9.1 oz) - Retired

I like, not love the N1 Tri v2, they are even more of a tweener than the N1 Road v2's that I have. I have better choices for specific runs than these shoes, so I haven't really run in them since the Unity 5K.

I have basically retired them to be my daily work/wear-around shoes and if I can get a surprise run in with them, I wouldn't hesitate to take them out for a run, but would prefer to keep it under 5.0 miles for them.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Tri V2 - 50 Mile Review

If I only had one pair of running shoes the N1 Tri's could do just about everything, but they got lost in the shuffle when it comes to running in them, just because I have better options. Which means they have basically been retired and this will be the last week in the weekly rotation overview...unless I start running in them again.

Pearl Izumi M3 v2 (11.9 oz)

Pearl Izumi EM/M3 Road v2 - 50 Mile Review

The M3's are my heaviest running shoes and are the heaviest running shoes I have run in for several years. However, they are perfect for forcing me to run slower than I would otherwise, which is something that I need - a governor for those recovery runs or the longer runs at a slower pace.

Unfortunately, for other than that, they are too much shoe for my taste - at least in the weight department. They are very comfortable and run buttery smooth and I know that I can run in them without any issues. However, I have learned that I prefer a daily trainer that is fairly cushioned but in the 9-10 oz range and the extra 2-3 extra ounces do make a noticeable difference for me and how I feel during a run.

Oh, I still plan to run in them, but they are not the answer to my daily trainer search.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I am very particular about my running shoes.


No races this week, but I am registered for the UMA trail race on 5/21 and then the Mile race in Freeport on May 30th. Also I have re-arranged my work schedule so that I can go to the first Quarry Road race this year. Now to figure out my next fast 5K, before the 4th of July race in Winthrop.


Hamstrings: They are what they are and when it is cold, icy and nasty I have to be extra careful to not be too stoopid. The warmer weather does help them feel better, however, I do know that if I run too many longer runs or especially when I attempt to pick up the pace for a longer run - they ain't pleased with that crap.

Everything else: Allergy season is just about over for me, so breathing is a LOT easier.

I need to keep loosing the extra pounds that I gained according to the Doc's scale that I stepped on. Yeah, that is what happens you you go back to work, have a crazy schedule, don't monitor how much and when you eat. Time to get back to it. I have a feeling that loosing that weight will do more to get faster than any changes in the kind of shoes do.

The reality is that

Hopefully, now that finals week is over, I can get a half of my brain back and get back to regular training, but with the schedule change coming up, it will mean that I have to get up earlier to get Bennie's run in and deal that running thing before breakfast and that first BM (I know TMI).

I am paring down my running shoe rotation and know that I have a definite preference for my daily trainers. I know that some people say that a shoe's stats don't really matter and that comfort is everything, but IMHO there are certain shoe characteristics and stats for my daily trainers that I know work better for me and make running more enjoyable.

Right now I have 3 shoes that I am using to be my daily trainers when I truly only need one. So as they wear out, I will look a lot closer at the PI N2/M2 series to see which one really would work better for me.

Yes, I am intrigued by some other shoes on the market, but I also know that I run well in PI series 2 trainers and always seem to keep coming back to them. I am not ready to screw up what works -- quite yet...just to try a different style/pair of running shoes that may or may not be what I am looking for.

However, the Clifton 3 with a wider toe box is making me really think, then there is the Lunar Glide 7 that makes me really wonder...

Harold stop it!!! You are insufferable sometimes.

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