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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week In Review - 5-8-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there, especially to my own Mom, even though she did pass away a few years back, sometimes I get the sneaking suspicion, she still watches over us and snaps me upside the head when I get to doing something stoopid.

Yeah, the weather is getting a bit better, but I am still running in gloves and running pants way to freaking often still. Oh well, at least I am running and doing pretty good for an old fart

I did finish up the 40 years of running series and it gave me a chance too really look back at myself as a runner and a person.  You can read more here and there are links to each of the posts if you are interested.

Work is busy as we gear up for finals week, yeah it means that every testing session will be at or over capacity, but that is what they brought me onboard for, so I can't complain too much, maybe just a little whining from time-to-time.

I did get the Nike Streak LT3's from Running Warehouse and I can pretty much say they are a lot faster running shoe than I am a runner. More on them down below.

Favorite Photo This Week:

My mom, the one I remember.

The way I remember mom - not as Nana, just mom.


This week I went a bit away from the Run Faster plan and did more of just running. Oh I am going to try to get back to it this week, but something about last week was a bit screwy, so I just did what I could and had fun with the harder stuff. Although I only did one of the max-out hill repeat sets for the week, I think that I do enough hills (even if sometimes it is just survival shuffle up them - to have them count too).

Even so I finally got up into the 40 mile range, which is right about where I would like to stay for the most part. Although I wasn't sure that I would be making it on Friday, but that long run in Portland got me close and today, I got a little froggy and ran a double, since Bennie was not all that interested in running again today.

One thing that I did pretty good this week was to run fast on fast days and run slower on slow day, usually I have a hard time with that stuff.

Weekly Summary


Over 40 miles for the week and 50 for the month so far, just the way the days fell at the start and when I ran my long runs. Yeah long runs, I am trying to do them consistently and they do seem to help, but then again, so does running faster on faster days. Instead of staying in the comfort zone of around 7:00 minute pace on the treadmill or 7:30's outside, I am pushing harder to get down under the 6:20 mark on the treadmill and sub 7:00 on the harder runs.

Yeah, I know training for that the mile race is definitely pushing my comfort zone and might even help me run a faster for me - 5K somewhere along the line.

Running Shoes

Disclosure I was selected on December 22, 2015 to be a member of the Pearl Izumi Run Champions Team and am positively predisposed to Pearl Izumi products. The opinions I have expressed are my own and your experiences with Pearl Izumi products might be different from mine. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” 

I don't want anyone to say - "Harold I didn't know you had a relationship with Pearl Izumi...blah, blah, blah." Since I do and I will make sure that when I am writing about Pearl Izumi gear that I say whether I got it as part of my team Pearl Izumi Run Champions Team membership or not 

My current running shoe rotation:
  • Pearl Izumi H3 Roads v1 - Personal Purchase
  • Pearl Izumi N1 Trail v1 - Personal Purchase
  • Pearl Izumi M3 Road v2 - Personal Purchase
  • Pearl Izumi N2 Roads v1 - Personal Purchase
  • Pearl Izumi N1 Tri - v2 - Free from Pearl Izumi as part of being a member of the Champions team
  • Nike Streak LT3 - Personal Purchase
Yep, still happy and very Pearl Izumi centric with my shoes this week...I did run three times in non-PI shoes and lusted after a couple others when I was in Portland and Freeport yesterday. No I didn't pull the trigger, but I did look closely. However, I also know that I am running pretty damn great in the PI shoes, so I don't want to screw up this old body by changing things around right now.

Besides I did commit to being a PI Run Champion and will continue to be one for the rest of 2016, so at least until this year is over, I plan to run primarily run in PI shoes simply because they work better than anything else I have run in for a long, long time.

So I will be training in the PI's and running everything but my  for my "A" 5K races this summer. In them I will be running in the Nike's and under the Central Maine Strider's jersey.

Oh well let's see how my present rotation is doing - actually not a whole lot has changed and I am still running well in my PI's:

PI weights are from their website.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Road (8.3 oz): 

Pearl Izumi N1 Road v2 - 50 Mile Review

They have done everything that I have asked of them, except be great racing flats, which is not what they are designed to be. No complaints, they are a great light-weight trainer that I can run pretty fast in and would use them as my race shoe for anything over 10K. They are light enough for me to run fast in and cushioned enough to be great daily trainers.

I ran a 10 mile run in them yesterday and while I wouldn't want to do all of my long runs in them, I would definitely use them for racing anything 10K and over. Sometime in the next couple of weeks they will be going over 200 miles and I will be doing their 200 mile review - it will be a positive one.

Nike Streak LT3 (5.3 oz-RW)

My only pair of running shoes in the rotation that is not Pearl Izumi. The why about why I chose the LT3 can be read here (What Happened to My Brand Loyalty?) and I can honestly say that when I run in these shoes, I want to run faster. Here is my Initial Impressions post - First Runs Nike Streak LT3 - RunLog 5-3-16

Hell, today I was calibrating the Garmin Footpod after 3.5 miles and a 10.0 miler yesterday - so my legs were toast and I still had a faster than usual run in them without trying. So far I have used them on the treadmill, a couple of road runs and they have done everything I expect of them, except one.

I found out this morning that they are socks only shoes or put a blister pad in a strategic place on my heels before going sockless. Otherwise they are a lot faster shoe than I can get them to go. They don't get in my way at all and actually feel comfortable to run in (as long as I wear socks).

I am still running in them and continue to use them a few times a week. A nice workhorse of a shoe that eats up the mileage for me.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail (9.3 oz):

Pearl Izumi N1 Trail V1 - 50 Mile Review

Pearl Izumi N1 Trail V1 - 200 Mile Review

The N1 Trails are my go to outside shoe for just about any kind of running during the winter (not for ice or freezing rain though). They have done everything I have wanted and done it well. I have put them in the back of the truck, that way I will have them to run at UMA or other trails when the opportunity presents itself.

Unfortunately, no trail runs this week, either the weather sucked or I had other plans for that day.

However, I can see me always having a pair of N1 Trails (whatever version) on hand, just because they can do anything I want and I don't feel like I really need to carry a gazillion pair of shoes around if I decided to go on a trip. They would be my hiking shoes, running shoes, go out to eat shoes, wear around town shoes and if I had to I could race a road race in them pretty well I have a feeling.

Pearl Izumi N1 Tri v2 (9.1 oz) -

They took a while for me to like them, but once I put LockLaces on the stock elastic laces, it changed what I thought of the shoes.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Tri V2 - 50 Mile Review

Running in them is similar to the N1 Road v2, although the upper is different with how the tongue is done.

They are kind of an in between shoe that I really wouldn't use for longer training runs, but also they are not great for me to run fast in either at 9.1 ounces - they are not what I consider a truly light-weight trainer. My N1 Trails v1's are almost the same weight and I can do a lot more with them.

The N1 Tri v2's for me are a Tweener shoe that does a lot of good things, but I have shoes that do specific things better than they do and if I need an all around shoe, I would go to my N1 Trails.

Although I like them and run well in them, I really don't have a good place for them in my rotation. The N1 Tri v2's are too heavy to be a good fast for me shoe, not enough between me and the road to be a good recovery or long run shoe. I have better options at for those and other types of runs. So I am torn about how I will be using them going forward.

I guess if I only had one pair of running shoes the N1 Tri's could do just about everything, so they are starting to accumulate some dust. Although I do like to wear them to work and out and about, but they seem to be getting lost in the shuffle when it comes to running in them.

Pearl Izumi M3 v2 (11.9 oz)

Pearl Izumi EM/M3 Road v2 - 50 Mile Review

The M3's are my heaviest running shoes and are the heaviest running shoes I have run in for several years. However, they are perfect for forcing me to run slower than I would otherwise, which is something that I need - a governor for those recovery runs or the longer runs at a slower pace.

They have become my mileage eaters, although the heaviness does have its drawbacks on long runs, but damn they are comfortable. Unfortunately, they might be a bit too much shoe for my taste - at least in the weight department. I think I have learned that staying under or very close to that 10.5 ounce line for daily trainers is where I do best and feel most comfortable.

I have a feeling that the next pair of PI's that I get will either be another pair of N2/M2 Roads, which would be a nice replacement for both the N1 and M3 Roads. Although I can see the N1's hanging around for longer fast runs, even if they have a lot of miles on them.

Old Shoes

The only old running shoes I have left are my old Brooks Cascadia 8's are now my daily walkers/work shoes, Clifton 1 (blue) that are in the back of the truck - as just in case I have a surprise run opportunity.

Oh yeah, the Hyperspeed 6's, I ran in them and remembered why I retired them. They will be fancy shoes to wear to work from now on - although I could if I had to run in them, I prefer not to due to how the upper bunches when I flex my foot (blister waiting to happen again) and if I get into wet areas or grass, they don't have a lot of grip.


No races this week, but I registered for the UMA trail race on 5/21 and then the Mile race in Freeport on May 30th. Also I have re-arranged my work schedule so that I can go to the first Quarry Road race this year. Now to figure out my next fast 5K, before the 4th of July race in Winthrop.


Hamstrings: They are what they are and when it is cold, icy and nasty I have to be extra careful to not be too stoopid. The warmer weather does help them feel better.

Everything else: Allergy season is just about over for me, so breathing is a LOT easier.

I need to keep loosing the extra pounds that I gained according to the Doc's scale that I stepped on. Yeah, that is what happens you you go back to work, have a crazy schedule, don't monitor how much and when you eat. Time to get back to it. I have a feeling that loosing that weight will do more to get faster than any changes in the kind of shoes do.

The reality is that

I am happy with the Nike Streak LT3's so far, except that I can't go sockless in them, a small trade-off and if I really wanted to, I have a feeling that I could toughen up the heels to handle them sockless. But for now I will wear the socks.

Surprisingly, well almost shockingly, I have paid for 2 races already and have a pretty good idea about 3 more by the 4th of July. Which is unheard of for me, who knows, maybe this will be a good summer for racing and meeting other runners.

Once I get through this week and next, things will slow down a little at work, so I can get back to focusing and putting a little more energy towards running and less on that thing call work.

Overall, I was happy with my week and while I didn't do anything wonderful running-wise, it was another consistent week of getting miles, doing a little speedwork and staying healthy.

Gotta be happy about that.

I will leave with a photo of how most people remember mom.

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