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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Work Getting in the Way and a 10K in the LT3's - RunLog 5-11-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Hi everyone,

No, I haven't gone dark, gone on vacation or any other sordid other things that most bloggers do who usually blog multiple times a week and suddenly disappear. Nope, life...well work is getting in the way of blogging this week. Three times a year, we have a peak time and this year's peak has been a record breaker!!!!

Such are the trials and tribulations of Finals Week for someone who's job is test proctoring.

We are probably going to get very close to 250 tests for the week (our weekly avg without this week included is around 70 per week). So preparing, administering and processing them, plus processing the incoming tests from our Centers and Sites is keeping me hopping.

In other words I am almost in zombie mode.

There is no mental energy left when I get home to write a nice blog post about my run that day or whatever to hell else pops in the old noggin.

However, I have made it a point to keep running (Bennie and I both need it), but the double runs ain't happening and what brain cells I have left, are gone by the time I get out of work between 7-8 PM.

Luckily, the week is almost over, but we have to get through Thursday (72 tests scheduled) and Friday (80+ final number will be figured out tomorrow afternoon) and there are going to be around 500 tests in the inbox to process as well.

So that is what is going on.

No pity party or any of that stuff, I just wanted to get what is going on out of my head, so when I go back and read about this week, I have an idea about how tired I was this morning, but that I kept running through it all.

I did get some great news though, my summer schedule is going to be pretty decent and will not impact my being able to run over at Quarry Road or even do a couple of runs at Bond Brook during the week this summer. Which means more daytime work hours and less nights, at least until fall.

Enough yakking about work

Hey while I am here let's talk about yesterday's run.

I had to take the truck in for some work, so of course I went for a run instead of waiting inside.

Great morning for a run, but a bit breezy coming out of the North, but at Rotary it was already saying 50*F, which was nice. Shorts/t-shirt weather.

I wore the LT3's and wanted to see how they felt for a 10K run and wanted to add couple of surges here or there.  I even thought about doing a faster 1 mile, but I wasn't planning on doing any hard speed work or race pace stuff.

Running on the Rail Trail is one of those runs I almost always enjoy, there are enough other people around to keep things interesting, the views along river are nice and it is mostly flat. Even the section going through the parking lots and then back along Water Street, give a different perspective than just what I see every day around the house. So it was a nice change, but not one I would not want to have to do every day.

I did pick it up during mile 2.0 and although it felt as though I was running faster, I finished with a 7:18 mile, which was for a comfortably hard effort (no super pushing), so for the mile race on 5/30 I have a feeling that something in the 6:30 to 6:40 range is pretty realistic, but anything faster than that is gonna hurt a lot.

Going through the old railroad bed parking lot I had to pay more attention to the rocks in the LT3's, while there is some good cushioning between my feet and the ground, I can still feel the bigger rocks no problems. Not like the M3 or H3's where I just roll over them and not think about it.

Although coming back up to ACAR, the breeze was in my face and when I came around that little curve after Quirk Ford, it suddenly turned into a wind tunnel, with a 20mph headwind. Nothing I hate worse than running uphill into a headwind to finish off a run - yech. That was that big dip at the end. I still haven't figured out what the dip was at around 5.5 miles???

How did the LT3's do?

Surprisingly no issues for mid-range run. My legs don't feel dead today and didn't hurt at all during the run. Just normal stuff I feel after a 6.0 mile run, but I don't remember the hamstrings barking at me too badly either - although I didn't really push the pace too much after that 2nd mile.

I gotta say that I like the softer heel and firmer forefoot and the stack height of 22/18 mm seem to be just about the right amount of cushion between me and the road. So I could use the LT3's for a 10K without any problems and might even consider them for a half, if I ever actually train to race one, not just run it.

One thing that I didn't like was that I got a rock stuck in the cavity in the sole, that was protruding just enough that I had to stop and flick it out, it was changing my gait and making that tapping sound that a rock makes on tar and yes, I could feel it though the sole as well. Other than that the LT3's did what I expected and wanted.

Overall a very good run and a quick update on work getting in the way of extra running and blogging :-)

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