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Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Lot Going On & A Couple of Runs - RunLog 6-30-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Bennie hasn't been "right" lately and this morning he had no interest in running, so we walked a mile and tonight we talked about how he has been this week and will be making a Vet appointment for him as soon as we can get him tomorrow.

I hope the little fella is doing okay.

After sitting with Mary, (we spend as much time together as we can - we enjoy one another's company), while she ate her breakfast before her last PT apt for her wrist. It is doing better, but not 100% and probably will never be. However, she is stubborn and does more than anyone else know would/could do with the way I know it still bothers her.

After she left for her appointment, I went for a run down-back alone. The only thing I was going to do was put forth a consistent effort and not have to stop just about the time that I got going good.

The first 2.0 miles were really good, nice paces, not pushing, but feeling comfortable. Then once I got going back up Steven's Hill, I just ran out of gas. My current conditioning didn't have enough ummpphh to keep it going up the hill and at that point I lost focus and the last mile didn't do as well, even though I thought/felt that the effort was still there while I was running.

Run #2

I wasn't sure that I would run again in the afternoon or not. It depended on how the left leg was feeling - because I know that I need to slowly rebuild my mileage back to where I want it 30-40 miles per week, with one long run and a track workout/race per week.

However, I know that I am not at the point where I can do a long run or even attempt to run fast yet. Gotta rebuild the base first, the last 6 weeks really screwed that up.

The leg didn't feel too bad, a little sore, but not as bad as it has been. So I figured that I would go out slow and see how things felt.

Once I got going, the leg didn't feel any worse, so I just relaxed and ran comfortably down Leighton Road. Instead of turn up into the backside, I decided to head on down a little further and see if I could get over 3.0 total.

I did great until I got back by TWC, where I had to play with a little traffic and I ran out of gas/focus. At that point I just plugged it back to the finish.

Overall, a really good day, but I am worried about the Bean and hope that it isn't anything serious. We will get the first available appointment to find out what is going on. After all he is my best buddy :-)


  1. Hope everything is OK! It is always worrisome with our furry family members!

    We went for a walk with both dogs on the 1.25 mile neighborhood route and I carried our older dog about a half mile or so. We know where things are going, and left her home the other night ... which will likely happen more and more, but she loves going for the walks even if she can't do so much anymore.

    Runs looked good, but as you say it is hard having that reality of having to build up again ... just keep it slow and smart!

    Oh - and regarding your rain post - we *still* haven't gotten much of any rain for the last two weeks! Getting very dry, and the forecast for tomorrow looks spotty. Ugh - really need it.

    1. Yeah Mike, he hasn't been himself and we got a couple of ideas of what is going on, he is only around 8, so that is not the problem. Mary thought she was going to have to carry Bennie back this morning on her long walk with him. Get an old umbrella carriage at the thrift store and take it along and when she gets tired let her ride along with you on the walk ;-) I had dog we had to do that with many years ago and she enjoyed being with us even if she wasn't walking.

      The smart part is what I have the problems with when it comes to running hehehehe, maybe when I get older.

      We had a pretty good rain yesterday and the dew has been good. So we have had some dampness, but still need a lot more to get back to normal. Hope you get some good rain soon.


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