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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Nice Morning and a New Dog in the Neighborhood - RunLog 6-22-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Sometimes the weather forecasters get it right!!!

They forecast that we would get rain around 2:00 and shortly thereafter, we got rain. We really needed it and while I usually love running in the rain, today, I decided to relax, take it easy and just eat lunch instead of doing a double today.

Really the main reason is that since I have bumped the mileage up to 3.0 miles or so a day, the left leg tends to get a bit yappy, especially when Bennie decides that he wants to do a little speedwork by chasing a truck and mailman during this morning's run.

Oh yeah, it wasn't raining this morning, low 70's, lots of sun - just a nice morning for an easy run.

Looking at the graph,

I didn't slow down when I got to the dirt road, we had a distraction on the tar (a neighbor yelled to us and wanted to talk for a second), then I purposely sped up a little. That first dip is where we had to wait for a truck to come up the hill. Bennie doesn't do so well with vehicles going the other direction and the road is pretty narrow right there. So it was a choice of running in the ditch or waiting. We waited.

The town is doing some work on the road, pulling the bigger boulders out of the dirt road, so there were new places to be careful of, that were not there before. The ever-changing down-back is the best I can call it.

We got to the Bartlett turn-around and there is a new dog, where someone setup a RV to live in this summer, so Bennie was a pain about leaving without checking things out more closely. The owner was yelling at the dog and it was lunging pretty hard at us, so I had to haul his butt a ways.

This route might have to be changed if they can't keep the new dog safely on it tie-out. It didn't look friendly and was definitely a bigger dog. Sigh same person I have had words with in the past about her dog and got bit once by one that she owned. If it happens this time, just gonna call the cops and not be a good neighbor this time.

Then we had to chase the mailman - at least it was a good distraction to get Bennie moving again. By that time the leg was a little sore, so I slowed down and just trudged it home.

The leg isn't too bad this afternoon, but it ain't 100% ready for faster paces yet either. So it is just as well I am taking the afternoon off, instead of doubling up today. :-

Sore is different than pain, just gotta stop before the pain sets in.

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