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Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Test - Passed - RunLog 6-18-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Another one of those post-card perfect days, where Bennie and I got to run and then when we got done, it was too damn nice to just sit inside or start the yard work. So I quickly dropped him off and headed back out to catch up with Mary, to see how the leg would hold up to a little longer run.

The yard work came later and it entailed mowing out by the rock wall (it hasn't been mowed yet this spring) and the roadside so we can see if anything is coming, so that meant the old field big wheel push mower, uneven ground and lots of grunting. Maybe a few swear words were uttered along the way.

In other words today was my test day to see how the leg was going to hold up.

Yeah, I needed to know.

Run #1

I still have to start out pretty slow, because the leg doesn't loosen up for the first half mile or so. Which means that I do not push too hard when we first start out. I also wanted to kick it up to 3.0 miles, for the first time in a while, so I wasn't going to push for speed either.

We ran down to the old Cranberry Bog and turned around. The leg never really loosened up, but it didn't really bother too much as long as I stuck around the 9:00 minute pace. The leg ain't ready for faster stuff, there is still tightness in there that isn't releasing.

Just a real consistently paced run - yeah a little sarcasm there.

Also, on the way back we met Mary heading out for her run and Bennie started to do his tug-o-war to show off or play. He did this about half-way up Steven's Hill and I think I figured out part of the reason that my Achilles has been bothering.

After Bennie starts to pull on the leash, I continue to keep running and with him pulling I change my gait to offset the pull. He typically pulls me to the right and behind, which means when I land with my left foot, I am over-compensating to left and when I land on the uneven dirt road, I did notice more of a pulling on my Achilles this morning. So running with Bennie, when he pulls the leash, might contribute to my Achilles issues when it isn't 100%. It is funny or an inconvenience when it is okay, but right now, not a good thing.

Overall, it was a good run as long as I just plugged along and doing the 3.0+ was a nice confidence builder.

Run #2

Once I dropped off Bennie, I head back out and ran back down-back to meet Mary on her way back. I go down to the Blake Road and she was coming down the little hill. We ran together, gabbed a little and I got to just run easy and free. The slower running does not bother the Achilles, so I can do longer distances as long as I just go slow.

The reality is that

today was the day where I really tested the Achilles, the 3+ with Bennie was good, getting right back out to run with Mary made the total more than 4.5 total and it was a huge confidence builder. Then 4 hours of mowing field, high grass, small trees on uneven ground didn't hurt it. Yeah, it is tired, but right shoulder hurt a lot more than the left Achilles. Which means that it passed today's test.

It doesn't mean that I am going out and racing or doing any faster paced stuff, but it does mean that I am improving.

Oh yeah, how are the Nike LunarGlide 7's doing - just fine.

I did take the laces out last night and put in LockLaces. I am got tired of feeling the laces flopping around, so I replaced them. However, I did use a different lacing pattern than I usually do. I have been reading a little of Lydiard's stuff and saw this pattern, so I figured that I would try it out. It worked fine.

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