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Friday, June 24, 2016

Better Today - RunLog 6-24-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

I took yesterday off, the left leg was feeling a bit sore and I had run for 11 days in row, so it was time for a rest day. It was a good choice, the leg felt quite a bit better this morning and good enough to run on this after during lunch.

That morning run thing, well the body just ain't ready for it yet. Someday soon, but not yet.

However, even though it was feeling a lot better, I planned to be pretty conservative and cap it at 2.0 miles and avoid any hills.

The day was gorgeous, pretty much a perfect summer day, mid 70’s, a light breeze and plenty of sunshine. One of those top 10 days.

Which meant that my mind wanted to run faster and the leg kept reminding me that I was not supposed to run fast today. Although the Garmin says I was going "faster", I wasn't it might have been around 8:30, but not faster than that, so I have a feeling the stats are pretty inaccurate and it was closer to a 9:00 minute pace than 8:00 minute.

Looking at the rest of the run, I have a feeling that I wasn't working any harder at the start. Although thinking back I was breathing pretty hard at the start....hehehehe no I wasn't running sub 7:00's and not realizing it.

Eventually, the body got its way and I finally settled into a comfortable pace and remembered to shorten up the stride, which helps the left leg become a happy leg, instead of that garrulous thing that spouts lots of obscenities and questions my sanity with every step.

I think that I might have figured out at least partly, why my leg started bother a little more on Thursday. I ran the UMA trails, Wednesday (the easy section) and today while I was running on the ball field, I noticed that the leg/heel was getting ready to start barking at me. So I turned off into the parking lot and just jogged it in to the finish.

It seems that the slight unevenness underfoot that I don't see or plan how to adjust my landing, bothers my Achilles/Heel area when running on the grass or trails, so that means sticking to the roads and flats when I run for a while, because I know hills ain’t the best thing for it either. 

Which means if I want to run, it needs to flatter, on a decent surface for a while. So either laps on Philbrick, laps around UMA, driving to a most flat course in Waterville or heading down to the Rail Trail for my runs for a little bit. 

Damn, I will be so glad when this finally heals enough to not bother as much. Those kind of runs get pretty monotonous and it means no trail running for a while. Err Quarry Road on Tuesday, but then again, it is the 3K loop and only has bumps not real hills and is fairly well groomed. 

Hmmm if I go slow, hook up with someone who will kick me in the butt if I go too fast, maybe I can do it. Hehehehe we will see won’t we Mr. Achilles.

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