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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Frustrating Week In Review

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

Yeah, the Achilles left leg issue have really gotten old and it is frustrating. However, it is slooowwwwllllyyy, but surely getting better. I ran a mile on Friday and another mile+ today, so there is progress being made, but it is just so damn slow.

As you can tell I am a little frustrated, but...well it is what it is and I am not going to run on the leg, just to run and make the damn thing worse. ;-)

A little patience now will pay off in a couple of weeks.

Patience my ass, I want to run - NOW!!!!.


Yeah, that is the battle I have been fighting internally this week.

Other than that a pretty quiet week, I can still walk Bennie and do stuff around the house, but the running gods are telling me, in no uncertain terms that getting back to regular training ain't gonna happen right off quick or in a hurry.

Suck it up Harold and yes, when I screwed up my Achilles back in 2013, I went through the same stuff in my head, so if anything at least I am consistent with my whining.

How do I know this?  I went back and read my posts from June to August 2013 and laughed at myself. I said too many of the same things I have been saying this week.

Favorite Photo This Week:


I ran mile on Friday and it hurt so bad that I needed to take of Saturday. Then I ran 1+ today and it didn't feel nearly as bad, the proof will be when I get out of bed in the morning and whether it hurts or not.

Weekly Summary

An awful lot of can't run in there.


I have a feeling that streak of 100 mile months is officially in jeopardy ;-). Oh well, I will just have to start a new one.

Running Shoes

If you ain't running much, ain't much gonna change about the running.

Nike Lunar Glide 7 - (9.4 oz) - Personal Purchase

My two runs this week were in these shoes and they felt fine.

PI weights are from their website.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Road (8.3 oz) - Personal Purchase

Pearl Izumi N1 Road v2 - 50 Mile Review
Pearl Izumi N1 Road v2 - 200 mile Review

These shoes now have over 200 miles on them and yes I do still like them, however they are not really race day shoes (but they might be anyway as I recover) and they are not enough shoe (for me) to be my long run, recovery shoe. They are tweeners that I love to run in but have better shoes for racing and other runs.

Nike Streak LT3 (5.3 oz-RW) - Personal Purchase

I can honestly say that when I run in these shoes, I want to run faster - too fast sometimes and they are part of the reason that I got injured. The 4mm drop is something that I have to be careful about, since it seems to bother my Achilles and doing longer runs in these shoes seems to have instigated my woes over the past week or so.

Repeat after me Harold - the Nike Streak LT3's are not light-weight trainers, they are racing flats, so only use them for racing and speed work, use your other shoes for daily training or running longer distances other than in races!!!!!

Once I get this Achilles issue resolved, I will just be using them for running fast.

Pearl Izumi EM/H3 Road (9.9 oz) - Personal Purchase

Pearl Izumi EM/H3 v1 - 60 Mile Review

Pearl Izumi EM/H3 v1 - 200 Mile Review

Old reliables, shoes that I know I can go out and just run in, but unfortunately, when my left leg/Achilles is bothering me, they do not seem to be shoes that help calm it down. Once I get things back under control, I will continue to use them. A nice workhorse of a shoe that eats up the mileage for me. That's why I call them old reliables.

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trail (9.3 oz) - Personal Purchase

Pearl Izumi N1 Trail V1 - 50 Mile Review

Pearl Izumi N1 Trail V1 - 200 Mile Review

The N1 Trails are my go to outside shoe for just about any kind of running during the winter (not for ice or freezing rain though). They have done everything I have wanted and done it well. I have put them in the back of the truck, that way I will have them to run at UMA or other trails when the opportunity presents itself.

However, I can see me always having a pair of N1 Trails (whatever version) on hand, just because they can do anything I want and I don't feel like I really need to carry a gazillion pair of shoes around if I decided to go on a trip. They would be my hiking shoes, running shoes, go out to eat shoes, wear around town shoes and if I had to I could race a road race in them pretty well I have a feeling.

Pearl Izumi M3 v2 (11.9 oz) - Personal Purchase

Pearl Izumi EM/M3 Road v2 - 50 Mile Review

The M3's are unfortunately, too much shoe for my taste - especially at almost 12 oz. They are very comfortable and run buttery smooth and I know that I can run in them without any issues, other than heavy legs at the end of a long run. However, I have learned that I prefer a daily trainer that is fairly cushioned but in the 8-10 oz range and the extra 2-4 extra ounces do make a noticeable difference for me and how I feel during a run. Plus when I ran that mile in them on Friday, the left heel tightened right up, so they are not part of the solution when my leg is bothering me either.

I still plan to run in them until they are worn-out, but I also know they are not the answer to my daily trainer odyssey.


Not for a while.


Left Achilles Tendon area: It sucks. That pretty much sums it up.

Hamstrings: The hammies finally are getting that extended rest that they needed, but they still have their moments even when I haven't been abusing them, so I have a feeling that the time off ain't gonna help all that much. I can still find exactly where the problem spots are even after 2-3 weeks, so it is just part of the cost of running in my mind.

The reality is that

Yes, I am frustrated with not being able to run earlier in the week! It hurt just enough that I knew that if I bulled my way through 2-4 miles that it was going to set me back even further, so I tried to be semi-smart this week.

Not a whole lot else to say about anything, just heal faster damnit :-).

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