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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Good Run and a Big Interruption - RunLog 6-19-16

This post was written for and first appeared on One Foot In Reality.

After yesterday's test, I figured that I would be hurting today.

As Gomer Pyle used to say

I actually felt pretty decent.

Yeah, there is still a bit of tightness on the outside of the heel area and the Achilles tends to bark a little coming back up Steven's Hill, but for the most part at least I can run without having to simply suck it up.

Let's get back to the run.

We started out and for about 30 yards, I ran pain-free and felt simply amazing. Then the outside of the left heel area tighten up just slightly, nothing serious, but I gave up any thoughts about just running when that happened.

Someday soon I will just be able to run again, but alas today was not that day.

So I re-shortened my stride and went into plug-along mode.

I did still feel better than I have for a while and figured by the time that we got to Blake that I was going to go to Bartlett and do the 3.3 mile course.

Yep, we had a few Bennie stops, went by Mary, slowed down coming up the hill, sped up a little once we got on the tar and then the neighbor's Great Dane decided that Bennie was going to be a great little chew toy. She came gallumping (not running) out into the road as we went by and we had to stop and tell her to go back to her yard.

She is a good girl and obeyed the neighbor, but I think she secretly wanted to keep running with us and get to run beside that well-muscled handsome devil, named Bennie that gets to run by her house all the time.

But she is a damn big dog.

Overall, a nice run and it was fun even with Lucy coming out to visit us.

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  1. haha on the dogs, I see a bunch our and about and so often it really DOES look like they're thinking "dammit get back here and run with ME!" There is a couple with Doberman 'pups' (probably ~1 year old now) and one of them is a 'challenge' and I'm not sure what would happen if he got loose ... on the other side there is a guy who walks every day and has had white shepherds who are so well trained and behaved that even the young one (older one died last year) can go by me off-leash without an issue. And then this morning there was a little baby golden lab puppy whose owner was trying to get her to pee and all she could do was stand and watch me pass by - not move, not bark, just watch :)


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